• 10110000101011

  • Here is a rough rendition of the 10110000101011. This particular form however is very unlikely, as their actual racial component is about the size of a grain of sand. Everything from their ships to their individual soldiers is made up of the race itself, and thusly is interchangeable and malleable in a way that is very deadly.

  • This is hands down the most feared race within the Game Corridor.

  • Dominant-Race-10110000101011.jpg

  • No one has of yet(or if they did, they did not live to report it) identified where the 1011 come from, or their home planet. It is absolutely possible that they do not actually have a home planet.

  • Race Information Headers:
(All levels in respect to Ansalonian Human Characteristics)
Planets Owned:
Rough Estimate of Loyal Population:
Indicative Abilities(As Applies)
  • - Magic ( )
  • - Supernatural ( )
  • - Psionics ( )
  • - Hard Tech ( )
  • - Bio Tech ( )
  • - Other ( )
Home Planet/Plane:
Normal Atmosphere:
  • Restricted Atmosphere:
Normal Gravity:
  • Restricted Gravity:
Reproductive Capacity (Basic Breeding stock x 5 years):
  • (Example, Ansalonian Human male and female x 5 years. Maximum 6 Children)
Type of Government:
Type of Main Religion (If Applies):
Notes on Previous Entries:

Mean Aggression Level (1-100+%):
  • Natural Weapons (If Any):
Mean Intelligence Level (1-100+%):
  • Highest Level of magical attainment (If applies):
Mean Tech Level (1-100+%):
  • Highest Level of Tech attainment (If applies):
Mean Weight of Dominant Examples:
  • Label of Dominant Examples:
Mean Height of Dominant Examples:
Mean Weight of Submissive Examples:
  • Label of Submissive Examples (May be several entries):
Mean Height of Submissive Examples:
Mode of Locomotion:
  • Other (If applies):
Mode of Main Communication:
  • Listing of secondary Communication possibilities:
Mode of Thought (1st person, abstract, hive mind, etc.):
  • If Psionic, is this race possibly Expansionist (Psychic parasites and possession): y ( ) n
Notes on Previous Entries:

Culture Examples:

Possible Political Agendas:

Precious Resources:

Enon's take on (Blank):
Paxis' take on (Blank):
Varian's take on (Blank) :
Lia-Seku's take on (Blank):
Broo's take on (Blank):

(Blank) Opinion of the PCs:
(Blank) Opinion on the United Empire:
(Blank) Opinion on the Kor-No-Yat:
(Blank) Opinion on (Blank):

Average Statistics for common soldier/warrior:

AC: (Touch= , Flatfooted= )
Base Attack:
Full Attack:
Special Attacks:
Special Qualities:
  • Fort:
  • Ref:
  • Will:
  • Str:
  • Dex:
  • Con:
  • Int:
  • Wis:
  • Cha:
Spells Known: