• Anshar

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Mortal Origin: Human Birth (Gestalt Will consciousness, more than likely not an immaculate)

  • Anshar the Striking Spear, the Reluctant Savior, etc. He has many names.

  • Born originally on one of the voyage ships, a child of a miraculous pregnancy. Representing the gestalt mood and belief of hope that permeated the expedition to
defeat the Ruk-Roofah menace at Duran; the first immortalized encapsulation of human kind's force of will. Vast power imparted to an innocent, who grew years in weeks. Innocence braced by incalculable power; it was perhaps not the best lesson to teach him that war was in his immediate future. In fact his entire beginning origin was to represent the human common mind in said conflict.

  • As the first human deity, with all the fallibility and wisdom incumbent there in, Anshar did in fact cope with the horrors of the war against
the Ruk with remarkable ease. Perhaps that he had good mentors and role models over the months on the voyage ships. More likely because the human mind so easily copes with the fact of violence, it would only be expected that a god created in their image would be at ease (far much more than individual mortals) with the results of conflict. As a living image of hope, new growth, and youthful strength/endurance, Anshar was embodied with an aspect of conflict and strife to go along with the unburdened innocence of a new mind. Though he learns with a frightening speed, his wisdom is still being tempered.

    • Devotees of Anshar


  • Those many of the dispossessed and worn down soldiers that felt most drawn to his influence began to cover their faces. The reasons for this vary, a good amount of his new devotees were from among the ranks of the worst. Those that had done the most unspeakable acts, by choice, during the years of chaos and famine. These men and women of blackest soul were usually the most affected by Anshar's presence. The covering of features and eventually their full form would accomplish to reduce the influence of individuality. This as a side note, also kept hidden the physical changes that wracked their forms, kept hidden from idle eyes.

  • The one thousand guards of Anshar during the Ruk-Roofah war, his elite and powerful unit that he commanded personally into combat, were exceptionally skilled and revealed to be winged just like their benefactor. This was a cunningly hidden fact until it was tactically important to do so, allowing a Ruk pincer movement trap to fail, and also able to attack enemy massive siege units.

  • They, gifted by their faith in Anshar, had undergone some seriously physical changes over the extent of the trip between continents. The Liss made barges were roomy and well stocked; but very slow in the placid seas. How far and to what extent their bodies had been modified by their belief, has yet to be made clear. Constantly covered in a type of deep monks cowl and brightly trimmed robes, these seemingly benevolent but ever vigilant caretakers and warriors are virtually never seen. Having willingly given up name and voice and individuality, all of those things that make humans human, they selflessly attempt to help the down trodden or protect the helpless.

  • As would seem appropriate, they tend to carry mostly spears and a few swords. It is not completely confirmed how many perished in the fighting at Doran, or how many there are now. It could be any where from close to the original amount or as much as several times it.