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  • Doran has been the home of the Keltoy for as long as they can remember. To much further west is Kel-Thuzan, sighted by the retreating armies from the beachhead.

The Doran Continent

(Connects right to left)

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  • Covering almost all of the city is a very high dome of solid vegetation, growing in perfect arches. The cause of this is not a common knowledge fact. The strange 603c408dd47ef058ca7c0967ab60158e.jpgcanopy that domes the inner portion is hard to explain, but for a few of the more powerful people on the planet itself. The defense of it was pivotal for the survival of the Ansalon-origin races. Apparently, though not completely successful, they were able to defend it just barely enough. See the Defense of Doran ending for more details. The long worn away edges and concrete covered with moss, vines, and the remains of hundreds of years of habitation, sometimes gives way to see the steel bones that lay hidden underneath the city itself.

    • Kel-Thuzan

  • Kel-Thuzan was spotted and used as a location that provided a roughly safe guard to the southern side of the retreating embattled forces remaining from the Beachhead advanced force. During their many month fighting retreat across the continent, it and the sickly forests around it seemed to be the only places the Ruk-Roofah seemed hesitant to tread. This provided the retreating armies with a small margin of breathing room, to set up temporary shelters and hospitals, and to re-organize from their significant demoralizing losses defending against the Beachhead assaults. Though foot was never set within several miles of the actual location of Kel-Thuzan, it was clear to all that there was something big in the distance through the wilted, tumor riddled trees. In some ways the distant shape had the resemblance of a terribly jagged mountain, but occasionally a lance of glittery reflected or refracted light would catch one's eye.

Here is where the story of our new campaign for 2016 begins, this tarp tented hospital of broken soldiers and desperate doctor's with attendant few overstretched nurses. Those few given to strong enough faith to assist in healing were few and far between.

    • Por Kaneg


    • Thousand Island Chain

  • Mentioned by the first Liss travellers who traversed the calm seas inbetween the continents to bring the first human and ThreeFinger mercenaries to
assist them in their conflict; this vast collection of strung out volcanic islands were and still are completely uncharted. If measured they stretch more than 6,000 miles along what one would presume is a tectonic edge.

  • At this time no one is known to live on theze belching black natural smoke stacks. Very few of them have been above water for long enough to have
gotten native vegitation to grow or be transplanted there by ordinary means. (World map)