• Aurarius

    • Eastern Jungles

  • The deep mineral shelf that the Ansalonian expedition first landed upon when they arrived, drops off sharply right at the start of the Eastern Jungle. Much like when a shore drops off deeply beneath an ocean, the hard impermeable rock and minerals dive deep, leaving a vast amount, hundreds of meters of deep dirt for these towering trees to grow. There are some stone formations within their vast north to south grasp, though they rarely peak up above the rolling slopes of the triple level jungle that exists in this one particular ecosystem.1.jpg

  • The Eastern Jungles are the generational home of the Simians. It is host to many other flora and fauna, of large proportions. The jungle itself is made up of three separate levels: Floor, Midway, Canopy. The safest to travel is in the Midway, as the floor and the canopy have too many aggressive life forms to be called 'safe' for the normal Ansalon-origin being. There are many rumors of hidden areas within this jungle, but those that stray too far from the accepted trade arches are turned back by the Simians, with their earnest dark eyes and completely silent disapproving facial expressions. It is almost strange how well one of those dark furred relatives of humans can mimic the disappointed grimace of a parent long passed.


    • Rock of Many Voices

  • Located 572 miles south and south east of Kingstown, the Rock of Many Voices has been a meeting point and a nomadic trading post of the Three-Finger for as long as they can remember. It is a gently arcing stone that juts some twenty feet out of the plains, and in it's shadow is a deep pool. This is one of the Nine Oasis that the Three-Finger tribes slowly rotate around throughout a 12 year pattern. This is now also the location of Bushan's almost permanent home.

  • Why this place is called the Rock of Many Voices is unknown. That is simply what the Three-Finger have always called it, and their ageless sense of time does not assist historians.


    • South Plains

  • Ancestral home of the now-subjugated nomadic Three-Finger. This light blue/ into deep green grass coated plains for hundreds of miles, splitting the continent in roughly half (north to south); has long since been the ancestral migration grounds of the Three-Finger.
The geological formation of the mineral rich shelf that extends upwards from the depths of the planet (With only a foot or two at best of soft dirt on top of it) keep the grand trees to the east from long since having taken over the lush plains. Their roots simply can't dig deep enough into the severely hard stone beneath the grasses purview.
  • The rolling plains of the three finger are home to quite a spread out but very vibrant ecosystem. The deep grasses do hide many vermin
analogues, small six legged brace crawlers with sensitive noses; and several types of long armored centipede type of carrion hunters. These animals and insects generally never come up above the surface of the grass, but rely on keen senses to hunt. Above those range far gliding garhawks, smooth flesh winged mouths that ride the thermals above, always keeping watch below them with their downward facing eyes. There are other grazing animals, larger knob headed Suiterain with their noise making tails and the large horned Offdeer(humorously named by some intrepid and perhaps deceased explorer). The larger predators such as one that generally resembles an Old Empire type cougar, but has a very effective venomous attack. More dangerous life exists closer and or strikes from the cover of the grand jungles that border the plains land.

    • Dwarven Mountain

  • After the destruction of the Gate, the majority of the dwarven population descended into the remnants of an underground complex beneath an active volcano towards the southern end of Aurarius.