• Churacko

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  • Tales from the Keltoy medicine-men and story tellers that still remember the lost Churacko, say they were once numerous, vast beyond counting. For untold years the Keltoy hunters had taken one down when they could, culling the weak from the flocks of these dark feathered, powerful flightless runners. Their exceptional speed was found to be unparalleled in the Keltoy's world.
  • It is told that within a few generations, the Churacko began to develop defenses, and something approaching intelligence. The Keltoy hunters were met in their
  • probing attacks with flashes of fire from the ground, and rocking blasts of lightning from clear skies. Organized defenses, wheeling dervish-like formations of blurring Churacko, buzz saws of beaks and vicious claws that rendered the isolated hunting packs nothing but bits. This ignoble end to their hunters is glossed over as much as possible.

  • Many rotations of the sun above later, when one of the most loved daughters of the (at the time) pride Lady, the posse of prides was rallied from Doran and the surrounding plain lands. The aforementioned daughter had been mutilated, the wounds that had removed her forelimbs cauterized by the force; and thus she had lived to be found. This ignoble treatment was beyond the ken of the normalcy of the predatory mindset. The prey did not kill, and surely did not kill for fun or leave the torn and broken still yowling subject of their ire. No prey would do such, and hadn't such. It went against the grain of the Keltoy racial concept of the way life worked (And the way they fit into it as a central player).

  • The only popular conclusion, came to the point that this particular type of Prey must be insane. And anything insane, something working against or outside the norm of the natural world that they existed in, must be put down. Like any diseased or lamed animal, be it in the body or the mind; it is the predator's direct right or natural mandate to remove it. For the good of all.

  • And with this consensus in mind, the Keltoy gathered up their sharpest of stones, their most honed tools of work and industry (Which was limited to wood, stone and bone), and went to war for the good of nature; to put down this dangerously out of their mind race.

  • There is not an exact time that they Churacko as a race went extinct. Most of the Yathewah races are poor at telling exact time. But it is noted that final hold outs of the Churacko are but bones and a few trophies sliding into dusting decay. Late at night, after much celebration, there are secretive stories that tell of a curse that the last Churacko laid upon the Keltoy for their affront as to determine what nature needed or intended. This curse of laziness and circling indolence is thought to be the source of the Keltoy stagnation over the years and generations. Though, that is admitted by few; either embarrassment, story telling, or effects of the curse itself? Who knows?