• Defense of Doran

  • The three Tribes that landed at the Beachhead overcame the Allied forces that were stationed there, but not without losses. Over the course of 8 months the remaining Allied groups (Human, Three-Finger, Simians, Liss) waged a guerrilla war against the invading Ruk-Roofah, delaying them enough for the main Allied army to make a landing at Doran. There, they dug in, transforming the ancient ruined city into some semblance of a fortress.

  • The Defense of Doran against the Ruk-Roofah was a turning point in the Human Society. All of their great technology and their stalwert numbers were only enough to battle the Ruk to a stand still. Just when the three Tribes were retreating at full speed, broken by the might of the Allies, did the impending doom reach the Humans. A vast Tribe, landing at the most northern point of the continent, had marched slowly but surely straight towards Doran. This was the Tribe of Kargar, the Golden Ruk. The most dominant Tribe arrayed itself before Doran, and the Allies scrambled to defend themselves. Only the Seige Engines were able to punch through Doran's dome of vegitation, laying waste to Enemy units. Reports of the friendly-fire count is rumored to be fairly high. The line seemed to be holding, as the Allies defended the base of the Dome, repelling all incursions.

  • But the appearance of one of their corrupted Seed Layers was also a huge blow to the Allied moral and life-count. Only through the efforts of General Paxis was this monstrosity delayed enough to re-invigorate the mystical and completely not understood City Shield.



*(The previous two pictures are strict Copyright of GamesWorkshop and ForgeWorld 2006. Their use in this game is simply concept art for the Player's visual benefit.)

*Please Download for easier reading of the Land Types and Elevations. The path of the returning Beachhead Armies are the single line through the middle of the map.


  • Once both armies realized that they could not finish this fight, and the Ruk-Roofah had really no concept of a prolonged siege, an agreement was made. Resolution of this dispute through a battle royale of all the Yathewah species here. The Metra had begun.

  • Kargar, through the help of his Throne, won the battle. But when all hope seemed to be lost, the Ruk-Roofah suddenly seemed to pay no attention to the Human forces. Gradually, through very gentle means, it was discovered that the Ruk-Roofah did not seem to realize Humans as an actual race, more of just a smart animal.

  • As odd as that seems, we were relieved.
  • And thus, we entered into the Time of Peace