• Doran

  • Doran has been the home of the Keltoy for as long as they can remember. To much further west is Kel-Thuzan, sighted by the retreating armies from the beachhead.

The Doran Continent

(Connects right to left)

1 - Dorans Outskirts.jpg

2 - Mirror Mountains.gif

3 - Valleys of Despair.gif

4 - Beaches of Blood.gif

  • Covering almost all of the city is a very high dome of solid vegetation, growing in perfect arches. The cause of this is not a common knowledge fact. The strange 603c408dd47ef058ca7c0967ab60158e.jpgcanopy that domes the inner portion is hard to explain, but for a few of the more powerful people on the planet itself. The defense of it was pivotal for the survival of the Ansalon-origin races. Apparently, though not completely successful, they were able to defend it just barely enough. See the Defense of Doran ending for more details. The long worn away edges and concrete covered with moss, vines, and the remains of hundreds of years of habitation, sometimes gives way to see the steel bones that lay hidden underneath the city itself.