"And in the night, they left. Few saw them go, and fewer would ever see them again..."

  • During the War of the 5 Cities, the Dwarves began to leave. Slowly at first, their shops and homes quietly vacated. Most of the travel Dwarves.jpg
was done by night, as their dark vision allowed them just as an easy time as day would have. They began to migrate southward, after gathering at the Rock of Many Voices. Through the heart of Three-Finger territory they went, and the tribes there merely watched with a kind of amused interest. (A crowd of beings that come up to their shins was not considered dangerous.) Little contact was made between the two races, though they were aware of each other. The Dwarves were naturally distrustful of the Three-Finger, as the time had yet to come when they were to be considered a fully sentient race. They were still considered just an overly smart type of animal.
  • The Dwarven migration, due to the time in which it happened and the careful planning that had spawned it, was taken with little notice.
The United Empire had integrated the Dwarven people some 800 years earlier, but they were still considered second class citizens as they had never completely meshed with the Ansalonian society, with a few violent but ultimately ineffectual insurrections in their history. It was not until several years later that Enon, Lia-Seku, Broo, Varian, and Paxis were to find the Dwarves in the southern-most Volcanic plate.
  • Though if she was the cause, or it was simply coincidence, the Queen of the Dwarves was waiting for these migrant refugees in search of
a home. She had found a vast and ancient city that had been long since neglected inside of a strangely controlled volcano. With open arms and open doors she welcomed the tired and hungry dwarves into the home she had found for herself. It was not long before she ruled them outright, attempting to restore and preserve what little of the true Dwarven society that still remained in their handed down memories and her own eldrich store of accumulated knowledge.
  • Extremely distrustful of the Humans and now the New United Empire, the Queen keeps the main body of her 'people' inside of this old
city, only letting a few of them go out into the world at any one point in time. There is just enough breeding stock still left within the Dwarven community that they may slowly begin to rebuild their society. Unless some other calamity befalls them, that is.
  • They will defend their new city and their new Queen to the death, but flatly refuse to aid anyone else. All trade is first filtered through the Three-Finger, and no Humans are allowed anywhere near their mountain.