• Eastern Jungles

  • The deep mineral shelf that the Ansalonian expedition first landed upon when they arrived, drops off sharply right at the start of the Eastern Jungle. Much like when a shore drops off deeply beneath an ocean, the hard impermeable rock and minerals dive deep, leaving a vast amount, hundreds of meters of deep dirt for these towering trees to grow. There are some stone formations within their vast north to south grasp, though they rarely peak up above the rolling slopes of the triple level jungle that exists in this one particular ecosystem.1.jpg

  • The Eastern Jungles are the generational home of the Simians. It is host to many other flora and fauna, of large proportions. The jungle itself is made up of three separate levels: Floor, Midway, Canopy. The safest to travel is in the Midway, as the floor and the canopy have too many aggressive life forms to be called 'safe' for the normal Ansalon-origin being. There are many rumors of hidden areas within this jungle, but those that stray too far from the accepted trade arches are turned back by the Simians, with their earnest dark eyes and completely silent disapproving facial expressions. It is almost strange how well one of those dark furred relatives of humans can mimic the disappointed grimace of a parent long passed.