• Unfortunately when the Gate was destroyed, there was but a handful of Elves on Yathewah. Shortly after that, many of them died in the various wars that devastated the planet itself. There are but known, maybe 7 males and 3 females left on Yathewah, hardly enough to grow a new civilization with. One of those females was Lia-Seku. Most of them are druids or wizards, and as such, have certain higher value positions in Yathewah society.

Classically since the fall of the last Elven hold outs, their crushed culture was one of the last to be conquered by man kind's ambition and short viewed perspective, they have been slaves. But in less than one of their generations, (And many of the humans, enough time for them to forget to a degree) they had become citizens. Working their way with influence, wealth, and
power into the human framework of the government.

  • Those few that do survive on Yathewah are hardy, steely eyed individuals of prodigious force and ability. Not something to be crossed, in any light manner.
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