• Economy

  • In general, due to the particular make up of this young world, the fact that none of the local tribes have a sense of economy, and the excessive loss of live the new United Empire has suffered through; there is no traditional coinage that remains
recognized as any worth. A barter survivor economy has resulted in the mainstay of Salt, it by weight is generally accepted as currency. Be it either solid or crushed. More than anything, older currency still exists simply to be the judge weight by which salt is measured. Weights are thusly roughly convertible along the old gold Empire scale. (Some things such as certain gems, magical items, the ever increasingly rare fresh Ansalonian produce from secreted gardens, may be used as expensive items; and while not technically 'currency', can probably be traded easily. Seller beware)

1 Platinum = 10 Weight
  • 1 Gold = 1 Weight
    • 1 Silver = 1/2 Weight (Half)
      • 1 Copper = 1/4 Weight (Quarter)

So a short sword that costs 10 gold, would in turn probably cost 9-12 Salt (9-12 Weights of Salt)

  • Not only is salt a requirement for preservation of meat (primary diet), cooking, manufacturing of textiles, paper, and other domestic/industrial uses, but also it is vital for the body to retain fluids. Most fit humans require 3.75 or more grams of salt
per day. Without this, the body will quickly dehydrate even in the wettest of climates. Yathewah is traditionally found to be very salt poor because of one reason or another.

  • Equipment

  • 0b49393544adfb16a24877bd356850c2.jpgGenerally in consideration of purely human technologies and sciences at the fall of the original Ansalon empire due to plague and the destruction of the gate system; was considered the best. The ease at which pure and
inordinately valuable materials were able to be acquired here on Yathewah, meant that a vast majority of the mid to high skill crafters (Smiths of all types, casting forgers, smelters, jewel cutters, pre-industrial era mass workshops, ect), had moved too Yathewah, since it's discovery over a hundred years ago.
  • In consequence, the examples of armor craft, weapon craft, tool construction, and materials tech is of one of the highest orders. And surely the highest on the plane, giving that most of the indigenous Paragon races are not much above
hides and bone construction. (With a few dangerous exceptions.) Now in older 3 or 3.5 edition, it would be easy to suggest and say that all metalworks available to find/buy/acquire/steal would be of Masterwork quality. However 5ed does not have a
masterwork classification, other than to make a particular weapon a special or unique weapon. Where that would work for most campaigns, it won't here.
  • If it was simply just a matter of groups of masterwork weapons being used on masterwork armor, or humans fighting humans all the time; it would be simple to reduce the bonuses back to zero normal, as they
would not be vastly more effected vrs each other. But uniquely on Yathewah, the warryness of the human sciences are the only thing standing in the way of several complete slaughters. Highlighting this edge and the sheer importance of human technology over the barbarian horde, is crucial to the storyline.
  • As a result, I found a chart that will allow the PCs to give some extra attributes to their weapons and armor (randomly, depending on how they acquire them), that add some flavor and play structure without
breaking the game. Allowing for special and very uniquely hand crafted items to be exactly that. Specially created by techniques and masters that have thousands of years of blood letting and body protecting creation behind them. (And a good amount of process of elimination as well!)

For arms and armor, and metallic equipment, consider the cost cut in half. Understandably, due to production considerations, thousands upon tens of thousands of suits worth of heavy and medium armor exist on Yathewah. It is easier to find metal armor at the moment than it is leather, simply because of the surplus that was never sent back through the gate; or inventory stockpiled against a better future price,

  • Mwk Table
    Mwk Table

  • (These bonuses should only be placed on human made weapons. Human-Like weapons from another source would not have these additions)

    • Glass Longsword

>The typical longsword used by the Ansalonian military forces is as pictured:


>However, the swords made personally by the Liss are more along the lines of this:


((This art is Strictly concept. In no way is it to be used in any commercial aspect, or reproduction. All rights are owned by the creator of the file. (found in the file name). Also, concept art should not be taken as completely true. Aspects may vary, of the actual Game concept.))

  • Made of a specially prepared length of glass, usually harvested from one of many of the ancient nuclear craters that are found on their native continent, are then molded and blown into this sword shape. Once it has mildly cooled, the sword is then enchanted by the elementalists that the Liss are famous for. This is an old way of doing things, and has been with the Liss race for as long as they can remember. Only one of these specialized glass smiths survived the Kusk war, and has begun to take on a few apprentices, keeping the tradition alive.

  • The magical curing process is a definite secret of the Liss, and will not be revealed. Also, this process achieves this razor sharp sword to the rough strength of steel. This is the only item that is know to be made with this specific application. As with plate glass, the sharp edge most of the time will be around one molecule thin. Normally, glass blades are only good once or twice, due to the rapid chipping of such a fine edge. But the magical forging process makes it so that this sword does not chip or dull.

  • The swords themselves are not magical (No inherent bonus). Though, they do have an afterglow of magic, visible with detect magic or mage sight. They use the standard Katana (Or longsword, if the previous is not available) stat-plate at the next highest dice type(d6 to d8, ect). Though the critical strike is made one digit easier and the multiplier is increased one level. (x2 to x3, etc.)

  • This weapon requires an exotic feat to wield, unless it is for a Liss character. Then it is considered a racial weapon.