• Fate Points

  • Possible Fate Point uses: (Can not be traded or otherwise given away between the PCs)
  • Skip meaningless enemy encounter-Automatically acquire Exp and random damage up too 20% of total.
  • Influence a Luck roll (Usable only up to 3 points per any roll)
  • Change a random roll (Say for random items or actions) up or down any 1 point. (Only usable in 1 point increments, second result is kept.)
  • Undue any specific use of a Fate Point (5:1 ratio).
  • Force DM to make a decision on an outcome of an issue (instead of randomly rolling on a self-made chart)
  • Add a +10 (for 1 turn) to any non trained skill check. Not good for crafting or anything that takes more than 1 turn.(The Mcgyver Effect)
  • Maximum Damage on a successful Melee strike (just 1, Declare before attack, points are lost if attack fails, Ace in Hole effect.)
  • Redo any Undone Fate Point uses. (See the 5 category. Example: Varian uses a fate point to adjust his random roll down one notch. Varian gets crushed by giant hammer. Use 5 Fate Points to undo the adjustment. Varian gets blown up with dynamite, killing everyone in the room. Use 10 Fate Points to undo the adjustment, and then only Varian dies.)
  • Add a +1 to any weapon or armor (Includes possible power) Takes approx 2 hours.
  • Spend for chance of weird (but almost always beneficial) moderate action, event, or effect.
  • Add a + 8 Luck bonus to any combat rolls for 1 turn.
  • Negate a disease or attribute loss (negative energy for example) before the roll is made. Can not be used on a disease or attribute loss that has already taken hold.
  • Add a +20 on a tumble check for reducing falling damage (Trained or untrained)
  • Add a +1 to any non armor/weapon item that takes such increments (Ring of Protection +1, Belt of Strength +3, etc. May not exceed the maximum)
  • Add 10 skill points to next level. (Can be used any time, but only applies to the next time the PC levels)
  • Gain a follower that is at 75% of the PC's current level.
  • Spend for chance of weird (but almost always beneficial) powerful action, event, or effect.
  • Permanently Transform into a specific creature, retaining all levels(Within a certain CL limit).
  • Gain 5 attribute points, spreadable upon desire.
  • ?
  • Gain a level with max Hit points.

  • Fate Points are gained when a PC either A) Creates a new page of descent size. B) Adds a reasonable amount to any page of information. C) Writes up a summary of the last game. D) Is very active with editing and upkeep. E) Submits any personally worked piece, (Fiction Writings, Maps, Color or Character story, Picture or Drawing, Architecture).
  • Remember folks, you have the power to make new pages and link them how you chose. See Wikitext for help on how to organize your pages.

  • Current Player Fate Points:

Former Players Fate Points

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