• Gate System


  • In the year 512 A.E.K. (After Emperor Kerensky), King Ig-Salis gained the Gate Technology through some undisclosed means. This powerful set of plans allowed the creation of pseudo-Magical gates that allowed the one way sending of matter. Eventually a system was discovered, of locating planes that were habitable; though the stories of the mishaps are frightening at best. Once contact that had been made, a team of specialists were sent on the one-way trip to build a gate on the other side, able to eventually transport them back. Over 62% of the teams sent were never heard from again. Fortunately however, Humanity prevailed as it always does.

  • Galaxies.jpg

  • At the height of it's power, the United Empire held over 158 Gates. Each one to a colony or some such development of planes. This was almost, to take note, 480+ years after the original technology was created. Yathewah existed as a mining colony for just over 395 years before the Fall.



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