Gnomes, Halflings, Dragonborn, Tieflings




Throughout the Old Empire, Tieflings are if not scorned, then at least shunned. Relegated to the seedy underbellies; the darkenned corners of taverns and auction houses. Where as some have been more willing than others to conduct types of physical reconditioning and editing of their more... obvious non human forms, for the mainstay, they stay close to the form that their roots granted them.

The only place that consistently would preserve a tiefling's dignity, were swearing into the colors, or swearing to the Tower. Entering the empires service and accepting the runes of service that all veterans wear, tended to alleviate a good amount of the prejudices that the common would easily heap to one side or another.

As such almost exclusively, the tiefling population of Yathewah was of two things. Experienced in war, and generally small. Keeping to their own isolated neighbors and outlying stations; either in the pay of the city lords or having long retired far away from the Old Empire. Little had they known that all would become trapped on this plane. It would not be surprising to find out that this demographic of peoples were the highest percentile of survivors.



Dragonborn, second only two Elves as the most rare of races on Yathewah, were indeed quite numerous on Ansalon. The Old Empire had much respect for these stalwart races, with their strong hearts and morality. As such, the Empire did what it did best. Assimilate. Uncounted generations ago, the youngling Dragonborn went to Empire population centers for education. It did not take but a few generations till the Dragonborn were lobbying for several seats on the Empire's senate. As willing citizens, and loyal servants of the empire; they were free to expand and live as they would. Their very long lives engendering the same tolerance and lassitude that gave few the desire to devote themselves to military service, or civil service. Explorers were few and far between.
As of the destruction of the gate, there were but a handful known dragonborn on the plane.




Halfling, long term allies and well loved companions of human kind, it's most kin; have a long history on Yathewah. One of the most mixed common blood lines, and having had full citizens almost as long as the Old Empire had been marching armies to distant lands, the Halfling is a treasured companion in any situation.

The personalities and family cultures are as varied as the humans they live beside, and the ease of equality is a given.




  • Unlike their proliferation on Ansalon, there are few Gnomes on Yathewah. At the time, the Gnomish people had yet to be unanimously cleared for off world travel. The ones that had traveled to Yathewah were generally the bonded tinkers, official builders, well known sages and artists.

  • Those that survived fled the cities at the beginning of the Wars, and traveled briefly across the plains much like the Three Finger. Now, a few remain inclined towards a nomadic way of life, though the most part of the Gnomish population have returned to the cities where they feel more comfortable. There are some 460 gnomes left, as of the 12th year after the gate was destroyed.