• Historical Timeline

AGD:After Gate Destruction, PGD: Pre Gate Destruction

Tomb of Humanity - General Overview

~1000 years PGD - United Empire, Ansalon's greatest Empire is forged in blood by Kerensky with miraculous success. His masterful manipulation of the blossoming human economy and military might, secured the first and most important foundation of what would grow into an empire that would span the known world with his predacessors.
512 PGD - Gate System. What had been apparently innocent explorations into permanent plane travel resulted in something far greater.
395 PGD - Founding of the Yathewah Gate Colony, 3rd one that yea with a similar primary integer of address. That same year, almost the entire expeditionary team is lost to some type of violent poisoning or disease.
389 PGD - Discovery of the mixed ore body pan that extends over almost all of Aurarius, stopping at the Eastern Jungles. Isolation of substance that is found in every local sample of vegitation, which causes brutal death by internal bleeding in all Ansalonia peoples or animals that consume it. Long term resixents respond with "no shit.".
384 PGD - Most aguracultural experimentation ceases, no good compromise found beyond importing food from out-gate. Imported soil stays pure for some time, but not reliable or suitable for long term solutions.
382 PGD - The last of the farmers are returned to Ansalon, as another planet has been found with significant resources.
355 PGD - Mining becomes the staple output of this colony, and large scale production smelting barons begin looking into settling primary work forces planeside.
301 PGD - The first Hammerstein & Reiksgardt Colossus Golem is activated, and production of raw ore practically doubles over night. Through the next few decades, 5 more would be commissioned and built. Their colossal size would make them formidable engines of destruction, through the war of five cities, in a few generations. Mostly only suceeding in destroying each other, thankfully.
123 PGD - The Dwarven Revolt on Ansalon is crushed brutally by Emperor Kelesk. What few prisoners are left are sent here to Yathewah.
2-0 PGD - The Plague

Gate Destroyed, along with the Capital

0 PGD - A rogue Black Guard, monikered the Dark Prince murders two of the noble masters in Teir Perth and Kingstown.
1 AGD - Enon and Varian commit their first murder, and go off to hunt the Dark Prince. Later on, they find Broo and Lia and pull them along into the adventures.
1-6 AGD - War of the Five Cities
3-6 AGD - First War of Dominance Three-Finger - Simian war.
6 AGD - Varian becomes soul-debted to a Sleeper by the name of Rag-No-Fat, a being of great age and power, after dying right above the creature's prison. He is later returned to life.
4-9 AGD - Time of Famine, an almost complete lack of food.
5-7 AGD - Second War of Dominance Liss - Kusk war.
7 AGD - Enon and Lia, leading the Three-Finger/Simian forces to aid the Liss, find Varian alive and well. Larsis dies after being painfully wounded, all under mysterious circumstances. Broo becomes caught up by the The Tortured One, and changed slightly.
9 AGD - Enon becomes aware that a presence is stalking him, and it is revealed too be a being called The Prophet, that warns him of the impending threat of the Ruk-Roofah. At the behest of his secret master, Varian goes travels too a remote ruined city, where he frees Ramsheir from the holographic trap that has kept the being there for decades.
9-11 AGD - Third War of Dominance Ruk-Roofah - Keltoy war.
10 AGD - The Exodus War truly begins, with the debarking of the Human/Three-finger/Simian/Liss forces onto the barges, and setting sail for the Keltoy continent in hopes of reaching it in time. An elite force led by Broo and Varian is taken ahead of time in Ramsheir to set up beach head defenses, in an attempt to slow the Ruk-Roofah as they land on the far side of the continent. This effort all but fails.
10-11 AGD - Time of Hope and Death, humanity struggles to get back from absolute ruin.
11 AGD - Anshar is born on one of the Exodus War barges.
12 AGD - The Third War of Dominance ends with ominous effect.

(Non Humans taken into account, less than 1%) Rough Population:
Year 0 After Gate Destruction
Year 1 After Gate Destruction
Year 3 After Gate Destruction
Year 5 After Gate Destruction
Year 7 After Gate Destruction
Year 9 After Gate Destruction
Year 10 After Gate Destruction
Year 11 After Gate Destruction
Year 12 After Gate Destruction