Histories of Yathewah

  • Historical Timeline

AGD:After Gate Destruction, PGD: Pre Gate Destruction

Tomb of Humanity - General Overview

~1000 years PGD - United Empire, Ansalon's greatest Empire is forged in blood by Kerensky with miraculous success. His masterful manipulation of the blossoming human economy and military might, secured the first and most important foundation of what would grow into an empire that would span the known world with his predacessors.
512 PGD - Gate System. What had been apparently innocent explorations into permanent plane travel resulted in something far greater.
395 PGD - Founding of the Yathewah Gate Colony, 3rd one that yea with a similar primary integer of address. That same year, almost the entire expeditionary team is lost to some type of violent poisoning or disease.
389 PGD - Discovery of the mixed ore body pan that extends over almost all of Aurarius, stopping at the Eastern Jungles. Isolation of substance that is found in every local sample of vegitation, which causes brutal death by internal bleeding in all Ansalonia peoples or animals that consume it. Long term resixents respond with "no shit.".
384 PGD - Most aguracultural experimentation ceases, no good compromise found beyond importing food from out-gate. Imported soil stays pure for some time, but not reliable or suitable for long term solutions.
382 PGD - The last of the farmers are returned to Ansalon, as another planet has been found with significant resources.
355 PGD - Mining becomes the staple output of this colony, and large scale production smelting barons begin looking into settling primary work forces planeside.
301 PGD - The first Hammerstein & Reiksgardt Colossus Golem is activated, and production of raw ore practically doubles over night. Through the next few decades, 5 more would be commissioned and built. Their colossal size would make them formidable engines of destruction, through the war of five cities, in a few generations. Mostly only suceeding in destroying each other, thankfully.
123 PGD - The Dwarven Revolt on Ansalon is crushed brutally by Emperor Kelesk. What few prisoners are left are sent here to Yathewah.
2-0 PGD - The Plague

Gate Destroyed, along with the Capital

0 PGD - A rogue Black Guard, monikered the Dark Prince murders two of the noble masters in Teir Perth and Kingstown.
1 AGD - Enon and Varian commit their first murder, and go off to hunt the Dark Prince. Later on, they find Broo and Lia and pull them along into the adventures.
1-6 AGD - War of the Five Cities
3-6 AGD - First War of Dominance Three-Finger - Simian war.
6 AGD - Varian becomes soul-debted to a Sleeper by the name of Rag-No-Fat, a being of great age and power, after dying right above the creature's prison. He is later returned to life.
4-9 AGD - Time of Famine, an almost complete lack of food.
5-7 AGD - Second War of Dominance Liss - Kusk war.
7 AGD - Enon and Lia, leading the Three-Finger/Simian forces to aid the Liss, find Varian alive and well. Larsis dies after being painfully wounded, all under mysterious circumstances. Broo becomes caught up by the The Tortured One, and changed slightly.
9 AGD - Enon becomes aware that a presence is stalking him, and it is revealed too be a being called The Prophet, that warns him of the impending threat of the Ruk-Roofah. At the behest of his secret master, Varian goes travels too a remote ruined city, where he frees Ramsheir from the holographic trap that has kept the being there for decades.
9-11 AGD - Third War of Dominance Ruk-Roofah - Keltoy war.
10 AGD - The Exodus War truly begins, with the debarking of the Human/Three-finger/Simian/Liss forces onto the barges, and setting sail for the Keltoy continent in hopes of reaching it in time. An elite force led by Broo and Varian is taken ahead of time in Ramsheir to set up beach head defenses, in an attempt to slow the Ruk-Roofah as they land on the far side of the continent. This effort all but fails.
10-11 AGD - Time of Hope and Death, humanity struggles to get back from absolute ruin.
11 AGD - Anshar is born on one of the Exodus War barges.
12 AGD - The Third War of Dominance ends with ominous effect.

(Non Humans taken into account, less than 1%) Rough Population:
Year 0 After Gate Destruction
Year 1 After Gate Destruction
Year 3 After Gate Destruction
Year 5 After Gate Destruction
Year 7 After Gate Destruction
Year 9 After Gate Destruction
Year 10 After Gate Destruction
Year 11 After Gate Destruction
Year 12 After Gate Destruction

  • Yathewah, the Tomb of Humanity

2016 Updated.
  • "Life was simple, once. Once upon a time, this land was ours. The Indigenous Races stayed far from us, even as we were ignorant of their intelligence. We were content to dig in the shallow dirt and remove gems or iron by the
tenweight. Even one's neighbor might Nabesna-blog-97.jpgfind a brace of gold ore beneath his garden, so up-thrust was the ore rich crust of the earth beneath our feet. Most grasses of these vast plains were but a hands breadth or two from rich, vital metals. These our families could take up in hand, and laughingly fill into a cart or one of the Gate senders. Once upon a time, that Gate still worked." The hag before you spits around a few remaining sharpened teeth with the help of the press of one smudged fingertip to cankered lip, before continuing to speak her tale.

  • "The fruits of our mines, forges, and craftsmen were well received, and indeed brought us completely imaginable riches. Even the criminals among us, banished here for the good of the homeplane, grew fat and redolent in the outpouring
of favor for our shipments sent back. Much required food and surplus wealth flowed back in to our greedy grubby hands. It was the golden age of the pioneers on our tiny plane, our time of dominance not just over our home plane, but also of other plane and other vast heady riches. With haphazard adaptation and magical stimuli, we had finally conquered extinction and spread out into the greater plane-verse. But let me back up a bit, and explain the tragedy of our first explorers." She gestures with one arm, taking in the back ground of rolled dirt, disturbed and thrust up grasses that hold an ivory backing to their green shoots.

  • "All of this, see all of it's verdant green and white, colors of grace and life. See how far and wide, how lush the fruits of root and vine, of branch and bark. Under rock, and over hill, all of this. If we were on Ansalon, or any number of other
planes, it would be a great bounty. Indeed it would be endless food for hundreds of thousands of souls, from the great plains to the deep twisted jungles. All would produce more than man kind could live on in all of our teeming million." She moves to lower the slit made bark eye shield, securing it more firmly on the once unbroken bridge of her knows. Glittering brown and gold eyes retreat within the protection of shadow that the goggles provide.
  • "This place is a velvet hell. All of these graceful shoots and leaves? Deadly poison. The ripest, most blush and swollen fruit, the direst death. Shitting your life away, blood and the rest of your
soft guts pressing in quick pace out your sensitive back end. See there is a glass, or a type of dirt here, that all the trees and plants sup on. Maybe it is in the rock, somewhere in the dirt we can't see, but it's part of this plane's life. Eat a fruit, boil up a root, even casually chew on some leaf you found in a second's idleness, and you will regret it. Regret it with clotted blood, shortening breath, and the slow torture of drowning on land and standing up."Her choking laugh ends quicker than it seems it should.

  • "So even this is in every way a verdantly brilliant land to live in, that one can go in any direction and live; almost all die a short death. Some would ask for quicker, if they had known the truth of
the lands they explored. So trust naught anything. You see a green field of prosperity, where you should see a glittering desert of death." The hag smacks her lips, exaggeratedly so. "There is one thing you can trust on here. Set your compass, brace your feet, and gird those soft balls of yours. The meat of the living holds your only salvation. What ever afflicts the plant life here reaches only that far, those and that which takes them in; exhibits none of the poison mineral."

  • The soft tap of something thin and violent against the high inside of your leg catches your attention as the meaning of her latest words sink in. The thin artery opening blade taps languidly on inner thigh before she moves away a silent few footsteps out of reach. "Remember dear, we eat meat here. All of the meats. Brace yourself to swallow."

  • "They dumped on us discouraged nobles, criminals of every sort, thoughtless pilgrims to some fantasy world of bliss, and retired soldiers from campaigns too infamous to be politically wise to be seen. They filled the outbound plane
gate line to bursting for years. We were one of the last to be recognized as a munic, a munical? municibale? municipal? yes, that last one. They sent us a Governor, in all of his brocade robes and palanquin. Even the stalwart guard of the 89th legion that made up his familial birth debt, didn't engender thanks or even tolerance from the populace. Even though we hated our minders, gracing their tables with riches and social disgrace at every turn, it was only a foreshadowing. We had everything we could ask for, aside from actual plenitude or easy life. Even then we had the ore shipments in beautiful bulk, which paid for grains and fruits from the old country; enough to be easily affordable. But it was not meant to last."

  • She opens her mouth, and pointing with one finger of a fist still held tight to a razor shiv of a blade, she indicates the swollen and drooping soft pallet at the roof of her mouth. "Sailors sickness. Young one, when you get the chance to
eat a liver, take it. Do not slice it, do not cook it, and for Anshar's sake don't boil it. Don't even breath on it. Take it in your bloody hands, cradle it fresh and steaming from the slit of muscle and skin that you draw it from. Look at it's burgundy and black sides for only a moment to be assured of no white spots or growths, then eat it all. Trust in the ache in my teeth, the tremble of my bones; eat it all. Lick your fingers once you'r done."
The Bloody.jpg
  • "Back to our history lesson, however. First came the Red Plague. Like whispers and rumors, new arrivals would speak of distant villages and hamlets found devoid of life. Then whole army units began to be lost, boats at sea never
returning or found wrecked with no man left aboard. Within the downward slope of a year, these rumors transited to fully fledged eye witness accounts. A curse had inflicted itself upon the empire of man kind. Impossibly strong maladies that worked quickly, and with unfailing finality. New pilgrims to or iron blackened shores dropped as soon as would midges in the summer sun. The boils and blood growths and crawled into waking vibrancy on their throats and backs did little more than raise the flag of our already wakened sense of horror and self preservation. No dear cleric to the old absent gods nor respected wizard could seem to take this infection to task, as the disease crept over our home plane." The old hunter is interrupted by a surprised, but gradually deep cough that rattles unhealthily around her chest. The spasm seems quickly suppressed, though not without discomfort.

  • "Ansalon, our birth plane, was ripping itself apart, legions of soldiers sent to butcher infected settlements, then turned upon by their fellows. Ever repressive measure was for naught. Refugees doubled through the Gate System like
untended chaff on the dark side a threshing mill. Some stayed, some leaving as quickly as they could for the varied colonies out away in the Black. That spurting arterial bleed of humanity moving between the planes slowed as the beating heart of our might world spanning nation was run dry. Eventually, a few brave explorers from the Lords Council went back to Ansalon through the gate, though it cost so much to open. They found naught but bones and rot all around the great Plaza of Travel, Bouleuterion of a Thousand Doors. Not so much as a rat had gnawed the stray fallen ear or fingertip; and no black coweled crows cawed sullenly or jiggled popped eyes from sockets. The two brave men died messily later on after their return to Yathewah, in quarantine." Over silvered and brown mixed hair slides her crow faced mask. Long and mocking in nose, the glint of her eyes obscured by the crystal lenses set to either side of the
beak as it consumes her face. The slit guards of her eye mask rest smoothly inside the apertures, protecting her from the glaringly blueish hue of the young sun above.

  • "Then, it was gone. Just like that a few weeks later; a light lit the night sky, and doom befell the Gate City here on Yathewah. Gone, all of it. Flattened and steaming by some unseen hand, and with that, we were all trapped. As far as we are concerned, we are the last of our kind."

  • Five cities remained, cut off from their government, cut off from the plane that kept them alive. But their pockets were deep, and they were still many. Gradually, a confused peace settled as the economic leaders in each community took control of the situation. Soon, they moved themselves up from governors and called themselves Lords. Their hubris set about sectioning up the land into their own personal kingdoms. Wonder at the realization that their reigns had suddenly been let go, gave way to avarice and desperate attention to what would ultimately profit them little. Land here, in the concepts of crops, in the terms of mining, in the terms of any real development was useless. Aside from the very few individual plots done mostly by small families of Ansalonian dirt transported here, there was no where that could grow the things they needed. But still yet, that was years in the offing. At first, blood needed to be spilt to show their neighbors that they were serious.

  • To the common man, however, things were not so good. Almost immediately, the value of currency dropped, and those who were smart began to stockpile what food and supplies could be found. The panic in the streets were slow in coming, true. This was a micro society of pioneers, salesmen and criminals. But one can not stop the mob mindset, once it begins to digest a situation. Smiles disappeared. Niceties quickly vanished, and suspicious eyes looked from every cracked door. The people, without leadership that cared, began to live in fear. Of each other, of the so called Lords that commanded them into an even bleaker future.

  • But we were unaware of the evil that was to arise from the south. Most would never know of it, or if they did, only as shadows and rumors. This evil did not physically come close to the human cities; however we did feel its indirect touch.

  • ----

  • The shroud of fear, brought paranoia and devious suspicion. From this, two things arose: the normal human concept that the grass will always be greener on your neighbor's side of the fence, and a man that would come to be known as the Dark Prince. Later, it was discovered that it was the work of his hands that the War of the 5 Cities started, which also had an unknowable, horrible, reason for its cause.

  • (During this time, the First War of Dominance was just beginning, though we would not learn of that nearly silent conflict till years after it had resolved itself in the Three-Finger's favor.)

  • The Lords of Teir Perth and Resha were brutally assassinated, and their families were outraged. Armies began to marshal as the two cities in question began to gear up for a clash. But, under the guise of peace, the previously hidden army of the City of Mesha struck Teir Perth instead.

  • Soon all of the cities were involved. Land was torched, hamlets were leveled, and any of the small possible sources of agriculture in this fallow area was destroyed. Their battle formations of steel shod soldiers marched and wheeled, striking and being struck, for the length of an entire season. They shed each other with bland care, striking at a moment's weakness. The few that returned from this conflict, retained their humanity only in the form they walk inside. In this blindness of human anger, they begot their own doom. By the time that they could no longer properly feed their armies, only the cities of Lorren, Kingstown, and Resha remained.

  • During this time, little did we know, a war of dominance was also going on. On multiple continents around the plane, the various Indigenous Races were waging war on one another with disastrous effect. These first few steps that these burgeoning intelligences took were to place the entire world on a specific path towards near a century of bloodshed. But we as humans were too deep in our own woe to notice.

  • As the internecine conflicts between the human cities wound down, the harder days begun. As the food surplus dwindled or were seized by the upper class, very few things were left for the common man. It began with pets, then beasts of burden that had to be fed special imported feed from beyond the portal. Some even turned to the outlying areas to try and catch some of the locals in their traps, success was rarely judged by losses but by weight of questionable meat returned. Within the next few years cannibalism was rampant, and man fought against man once again. The surviving cities degenerated into broken bands and isolationist predatory families, where the rule of the mighty is law. The grand homes lay silent, the great plazas stood empty. Bare bones lined the streets, and marked territories. The Druids fled from these places of stone and blood after a number of their group were killed. All hope seemed lost; the final doom of mankind was at hand. Famine stalked the terra firma, and faith was of no use.

(Non Humans taken into account, less than 1%) Rough Population:
Year 0 Post Gate Destruction
Year 1 Post Gate Destruction
Year 3 Post Gate Destruction
Year 5 Post Gate Destruction
Year 7 Post Gate Destruction
Year 9 Post Gate Destruction
Year 10 Post Gate Destruction
Year 11 Post Gate Destruction
Year 12 Post Gate Destruction

  • ----
  • Into of this chaos, this weight of misery and death, came Allen Doe. Out of the wilderness of the Three-Finger plains, came wagons full of food. Bargains had been struck, placed on debt and hope, negotiating in faith he didn't have, on credit that the local tribes did not have a concept of. It was enough to eventually slow the cannibalism and the starvation, and stop it enough in the southern reaches. Disease and murder were still rampant, but one must make the best out of things, or so his father used to say.

  • He was the first true ray of hope, once the populace was convinced that it wasn't some sort of subterfuge. Some still died, refusing his assistance. Just as much, some never truly gave up their hateful instincts that had been ground into them in such a harsh manner. Even there was no specific winter or summer, there was still a dark shadow over the lands. It did not snow, but the gutters still ran black at night.

  • Many of the still surviving populace gradually returned to jobs that they once had occupied. People who had resorted to living outside in the wild began to slowly filter back in like ghosts. A sense of teamwork gradually re-asserted itself over the next year or so. A shared quality and sharpening of the eye. They had all survived through something too terrible to speak of, a thread of something so deep, an undercurrent beneath every sharp sentence. Through Allen's guidance, more successful fishing and trapping techniques began to circulate throughout the populace, and the few remaining coastal villages built large netting rigs. It is not always economic to fish, as all ocean going movement is oar driven. There is no tidal (No moon) wind significant enough to drive a ship (No thermal variance due to tilt of the planet vrs parent sun to energize what would be considered 'trade winds'), thus none had ever been created. Gradually, the common man began to survive again. The locals tribes, in retrospect, asked little of us. We traded refined weapons and armor to the Three-Finger, in exchange for the food that they would acquire from their servant race, the Simians. It wasn't known at all that a violent conflict had just ended between the two to determine breeding rights and dominance. That wouldn't be evident for some years until the half-breeds grew to some maturity.
  • As more and more humans came from hiding; revealed their existence, and the amount of survivors began to mount, the food began to go short. Dangerously short. It was in the Seventh year after the gate city was destroyed by the unstable magics that sustained it, that some lean times began to crackle on the horizon like a distant black storm. It took too many long hours to create the equipment that the Three-Finger wanted in exchange from this break in their normally nomadic lifestyle. That, and they seemed to have very little concept of time. Shipments would be days off, and sometimes any meat they transported had long since spoiled. To them, it was no difference, as they are herbivores by nature. As a long since dead friend of mine once said, "If Lords of Bovines walked among us, it would be them."
  • Gamely, what remained of humanity pushed itself hard to keep up.

  • ----
  • Rumors began to filter in gradually, of mysterious people; normal people probably from Ansalon, walking among the Three-Finger and the Simians with impunity. Some even differed to them, and they were told to have a Three-Finger as a pet or side kick. The stories were always different.

  • As the rumors grew, sightings began to arise in the general public, sightings of dangerous and scarred heroes who were completely different from the regular populace. One of those heroes was said to have a silver magical arm, as well as a nasty temper. Another of a wild man, bedecked in scrolls and magic, but robed like a wilderness madman (It was sometimes said that this man was not just one, but actually also a snake-man at the same time. Some said that it all depended on what side of him you were looking at, at the time. No evidence is available to support this). Another sighting was of an angelic Elven figure, one who could change into animals at a whim. And last, a frightening Three-Finger of such proportions as to provide much a test to the strength of one's heart.

  • This, with the beginning of hope, began to change things. People suddenly had people to believe in, figure heads with amazing stories and remarkable powers. A new Time blossomed. The Time of Hope and Death

  • United Empire

  • The United Empire consisted of all of the surviving races on Ansalon. Each race was independently isolated, economically starved, and taken over with a gradual in-place integration into the Empire. It was often extremely bloody, but it worked none the less.


(This art is Strictly concept. In no way is it to be used in any commercial aspect, or reproduction. All rights are owned by the creator of the file. (found in the file name). Also, concept art should not be taken as completely true. Aspects may vary, of the actual Game concept.)

  • Every conquered race was allowed to keep their secondary leaders (The Primaries were held captive until death), and then subtly supported by the taxes of the Empire. Education was the most important, as all was governed and provided for by the state, and often schools were the first thing to be built in the newly captured territories.

  • Due to this influx of propaganda and vocal media often influenced away any persons or creatures that would be normally spawning a rebellion. To the date, the United Empire of Ansalon had very few challenges to its rule. But, this is all history now.

  • Gate System


  • In the year 512 A.E.K. (After Emperor Kerensky), King Ig-Salis gained the Gate Technology through some undisclosed means. This powerful set of plans allowed the creation of pseudo-Magical gates that allowed the one way sending of matter. Eventually a system was discovered, of locating planes that were habitable; though the stories of the mishaps are frightening at best. Once contact that had been made, a team of specialists were sent on the one-way trip to build a gate on the other side, able to eventually transport them back. Over 62% of the teams sent were never heard from again. Fortunately however, Humanity prevailed as it always does.

  • Galaxies.jpg

  • At the height of it's power, the United Empire held over 158 Gates. Each one to a colony or some such development of planes. This was almost, to take note, 480+ years after the original technology was created. Yathewah existed as a mining colony for just over 395 years before the Fall.



  • This art is Strictly concept. In no way is it to be used in any commercial aspect, or reproduction. All rights are owned by the creator of the file. (found in the file name). Also, concept art should not be taken as completely true. Aspects may vary, of the actual Game concept.

  • The Plague

A few years before the destruction of the gate on Yathewah, which is still not truly explained, a mysterious plague began to afflict Ansalon. At first, the Royal consul was confident they could heal or destroy the infection, though after the first year it was shown that the disease itself was neigh on immune to magical influences. Nothing that clerics or mages could do to stop the infection proved to be the least bit useful.
The Bloody.jpg
The Emperor at the time instead, staged a quarantine of any area that was infected, and had the Royal Mages eliminate all life forms in those areas using sterile means. (War Golems, Elementals, High range spells, ect.) Even though hundreds of thousands were dying day to day, it did not slow the Imperial might of the Empire.

Though all way back was lost the day the Gate blew up, a few select individuals were sent back to Ansalon once the trickle of dying refugees had sputtered to a stop. Messages were sent from the Imperial Govenor, mentioning that their homeland was but a bonefield. And that the acrapolis of gates was choked with dry corpses. Any further eye witness was lost when the gate city burned, shortly or almost directly after.

  • War of the Five Cities

  • Upon the death of the two noble families from Kingstown and Tier Perth, the war of dominance between the human cities began. With the destruction of the gate and the removal of all leadership from Ansalon, each city declared their own independence quite quickly. This flash fire combat used up most of the cities stored resources, and later, sparked the food wars shortly after.

  • First War of Dominance: Three-finger against Simian

  • Time of Famine

  • This period of time was only a few years long. However, it killed off more than two-thirds of the Human population, through either starvation or cannibalism.

  • Second War of Dominance: Liss against Kusk

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  • Third War of Dominance: The Ruk-Roofah

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    • Doran

  • Doran has been the home of the Keltoy for as long as they can remember. To much further west is Kel-Thuzan, sighted by the retreating armies from the beachhead.

The Doran Continent

(Connects right to left)

1 - Dorans Outskirts.jpg

2 - Mirror Mountains.gif

3 - Valleys of Despair.gif

4 - Beaches of Blood.gif

  • Covering almost all of the city is a very high dome of solid vegetation, growing in perfect arches. The cause of this is not a common knowledge fact. The strange 603c408dd47ef058ca7c0967ab60158e.jpgcanopy that domes the inner portion is hard to explain, but for a few of the more powerful people on the planet itself. The defense of it was pivotal for the survival of the Ansalon-origin races. Apparently, though not completely successful, they were able to defend it just barely enough. See the Defense of Doran ending for more details. The long worn away edges and concrete covered with moss, vines, and the remains of hundreds of years of habitation, sometimes gives way to see the steel bones that lay hidden underneath the city itself.

    • Heroes of the Third War

The Allies(Humans, Liss, Three-Finger, Keltoy, and the Simians) - Ruk-Roofah War, The Third War of Dominance:

    • Battle of the Beachheads

  • The prophesy of the impending tide of doom, given to the right influential people, months in advance; created the desperate need for delay. Whether it was from the ramblings of the mad, or a gift from some burgeoning gestalt racial consciousness, or word from
some unknown guardian; the dark insane tides from the north had begun to pulse towards the lands of the Keltoy. Drawn by some instinct like a bird to it's nesting land or fish to the same river; they were coming, in their diseased swarm. Thus before the onset of the Ruk-Roofah conflict (Or third war of dominance between the indigenous peoples), a moderate veteran strike force was ferried to
the expected landing sites (by some summoned conveyance that is still undisclosed or understood) from the Human Cities. Three brigades were split from this core, and placed under the control of Lords General Varian and Broo. The allied forces had roughly two weeks to set these beautiful golden sanded beaches and low density grass lands near by into the structured kill areas that were theorized to be needed. In truth, very few if any of the veterans of conflicts present ever had the opportunity of dealing with a contested amphibious landing.

But the necessity to kill and cull a force of individuals, they understood very well. A vast amount of traps, pitfalls,
and other unmanned defenses were placed head on, into the teeth of the invading Ruk-Roofah clans. To be sure, funneling walls, fire lanes, trip wires, oil ditches, leap frog fencing, and stink weed pits, were included.

The Landing Defenses

  • Lord General Broo directly commanded the defense of Beachhead Korg. He and his men went face to face with the clan Hurrrgorak, the bloodied. A brutal force to hit head on but so he did; leading the direct charge. Throughout the most successful defense of any of the three beach heads, Broo lead his small herd of Three Finger brawlers directly into contact with the leading hero of the Hurrgorak clan. Though closely matched, agility and instant aggression vrs the three finger endurance and slow but un-survivable strength; Broo was defeated and his command scattered. Survivors of the battle that retreated all the way to Doran reported that Broo had been captured by the invading Ruk-Roofah forces. In truth, the next night after their landing, the leading males of the clan ate him completely, down to cracking the thick bones for the marrow.

  • The center defense force was, if the common history is to be believed, the most
disorganized and lacking of big picture leadership. The blackest of luck, with no heroes or grand leadership; the middle at Beach Lash, held as well as it could. There was little to no resources in the local area, only grass lands and marshy riverbeds. Not a tree or wood bearing root for many miles in any direction; and no stone, rocks or even gravel at their disposal. A wide shelf of silt and marshy open air bogs were the main map marks of the wide bay that was beachhead Lash.
Very little could be done beyond ground and splash traps, leading groups to limited quick sand areas, some attempts to harness or trap local river carnivores, and anything else the soldiers could think of. This was of limited success.
  • As the black armada of rafts of the Ruk Roofah clan that would land
on beachhead Lash approached, an icy mist began obscuring the setting sun, and looming over the towards-the-sea down draft. Causing the fog to billow up in a struggling tower, a tsunami of mist that held and increased until last of the sun's rays winked out to an obscure dusk. At that point, the wave crashed inland over the defenders, and with it came the disciples of OokAnue. One of the necrotic shaman tribes of the Ruk-Roofah, even the adepts and barely trained wizards of the Allied Defenders were but as a candle in a heady wind against the primal death magics of this mystic tribe. This Beachhead defense was the least effective in the long run, and also resulted in the least amount of survivors many months later.

  • Lord General Varian was directly in charge of the southern Beachhead
defense, zone Axe. Again, the defenders crumbled after several hours of hard fought battle. There was simply not enough bodies or weapons to stop the Ruk-Roofah invasion. The mainstay of his bleeding defense was to stand a good portion of his forces on Hisry Rock, the formation near to that southern landing. Given the brutal slope, open ranges of fire, and other natural features of the rock formation; it was but a common sense decision to attempt to hold it. Or make the Ruk Roofah die as much as possible upon that mineral edifice. Aside from basically trapping a good amount of his force, Varian did so with a purpose.

  • While being scouted, it was noted that there were huge swaths of the rock face that were covered with a sheen of crumbling yellow powder and compressed mineral columns. These remnants of inner water springs that had long since poured their sulfur from the inside of the mountain, outward; left these hefty wide spread deposits.

  • Even as the volunteers of his brave bowmen and mystics died atop the mountain in a carnival of hate and blood-- struggling against the sheer mass and ferocity of the landed clan KaraKa; the Allied heavy infantry moved out from the depths of the pit-hides around the mountain base; setting fire to these trails of sulfur that erupted in ethereal blue blazing, hungry flames. The grey and yellow fumes that billowed back up the mountain in the night's air, were choking and wont to raise boils on uncovered skin. These self same men of the allies girded their faces with woven grass of thick cloth, and moved back into the night, beginning travel towards Doran without a backwards glance.
  • The "Blind Hunter", leader and master of the KaraKa clan, would follow Varian's force all the way back to Doran, nipping at his heels; stealing a life or five at a time, even as the allies conducted a very effective bleeding retreat.

The main rendezvous location and relocation point was many, many miles to the east from the Beachheads themselves. Just west of the river system that is north and west of a mark on the Allies maps called Kel-Thuzan. Not part of the original plan, but from these fighting retreats; suffering waves after waves of the fitful dog like enemy nipping at the retreating heels of the Allied army; Many made the choice to sacrifice themselves to bleed the enemy and give their allies time to either heal or retreat. Their sacrifice of body, or sanity, or both; was key to making the three landed clans of Ruk Roofah so hesitant of engaging human forces. But some of that was key not necessarily to our own intrinsic ferocity; we are a self serving race at heart. A good portion of it was that they were facing smart thinking and experienced fighters; well versed in using landscape, timing, tactics, and withdraw to damage/demoralize/block/frustrate/confuse a directly predatory race such as the Ruk Roofah that had not as of yet ever received a collective bloody nose. They were much like a hugely strong young child; able to do unthinkable damage to soft targets: but almost completely unused to being out smarted or surprised or bluffed.

This was the map of the withdraw towards Doran, from the Beach Head. The blue marker is talked about more in the Kel-Thuzan article. And it is where the story for my latest batch of dear heroes, begin.

(Some of my old notes)

Tribe: Harooden
(Hidden, the Golden Tribe)
Scavengers: 10,000
Hunters: 0
Leper Knights: 9,061
Fanatics: 631
Shamans: 0

Tribe: Hurrrgorak
“The Bleeding Muzzle” (A Unit with this Hero has the ability too Attack twice against a charging unit, even if the charging unit is only passing through or into their sphere of attack.)

Tribe: KaraKa
“The Blind Hunter” (A Unit with this Hero automatically knows the location of any hidden or disguised units within 3 inches of their location. Any 1 enemy unit that is within melee range is subject to an attack of opportunity.)

Tribe: OokAnue
“Dust and Magic” (A Unit with this Hero has the ability to make a magical strike once every 3 days. If the strike hits, the damage is x4. This causes 25% of the Unit that this Hero resides in, to die.)

Tribe: Harooden (Royalty)
“Kargar the Gold” (The Royal Unit has the ability to stop dead any charge against it on a successful attack of opportunity. Any Undead units within 2 inches of the Royal Unit gain a +2 to attack.)
“Harooden the Old” (Any Unit with this Hero, gains a +5 to it’s own saves, and gives a +2 to any unit adjacent too itself, due to the Wiley old Dog himself.)

Purposes Available:
Assault (+1 Attack, +1 Moral)
Front Line (+1 Armor, -2 Saves)
Flanker (+1 Attack, +1 Inch Move)
Claws (+1 Attack)
‘Black Staff’ (+1 Attack, 3 Inch Range, Shamans Only)
- Muddy Fur (+2 Armor, All)
14,000 Bone Mail (+4 Armor, -2 Inch Speed)
Siege Weapons
Skeleton Colossus (+12 Attack [All Adjacent Enemy Units], Fanatics Only, Dead On)
Special Abilities One per Unit
Primal Sleuth (A Ruk-Roofah Unit with this ability can Hide on a DC 17 (Use the Saves column), in any areas besides Coastal or Desert. Normal Am
bush rules apply. May only Ambush units that come within 1 Inch of their hiding place.)
Death’s Door (A Unit with this ability is not subject too moral checks due to massive troop loss.)
Hunter’s Will (A Unit with this ability is not subject too Terrain modifiers towards movement)
Fanatic’s Push (Fanatics Only. 2/day, the Unit with this ability can incite a re-roll on any failed allied attack roll within 2 inches of the Fanatic Unit.)
Carrion Call (Scavenger’s Only. A Unit with this ability may attack any unit that is below ½ of its original soldier strength. This attack does not cause attrition damage. ½ of the enemy soldiers that are killed
in this fashion are transformed into an undead unit to the nearest northern side not occupied by another unit. These Undead fall into the same rules as the Zombie.)
Cauldron’s Depths (Shamans Only. A Unit with this ability may create in one round, an Undead Unit adjacent too it. This Unit’s Numbers is 50x the Shaman unit that used the ability, and lasts for 9 hours. Usable
Once per 2 Days. The Unit has the stats of:
Skeletal Guard - Moral = 0 Armor = +4 Base Saves = +4 Speed = 2 Inch |Init+4 Attk +7 Wound 2
Fear of the Leper (Knights Only. The Unit with this ability causes any unit that it successfully strikes against to save vrs fear, DC 13. If the Save is successful, the enemy unit takes normal attrition. If the save fails,
that enemy unit will take 30% attrition that round, even if it is normally immune to that attrition. All Attrition damage done too this Ruk unit is decreased too 5%. Immune too fear or pain.)

    • Defense of Doran

  • The three Tribes that landed at the Beachhead overcame the Allied forces that were stationed there, but not without losses. Over the course of 8 months the remaining Allied groups (Human, Three-Finger, Simians, Liss) waged a guerrilla war against the invading Ruk-Roofah, delaying them enough for the main Allied army to make a landing at Doran. There, they dug in, transforming the ancient ruined city into some semblance of a fortress.

  • The Defense of Doran against the Ruk-Roofah was a turning point in the Human Society. All of their great technology and their stalwert numbers were only enough to battle the Ruk to a stand still. Just when the three Tribes were retreating at full speed, broken by the might of the Allies, did the impending doom reach the Humans. A vast Tribe, landing at the most northern point of the continent, had marched slowly but surely straight towards Doran. This was the Tribe of Kargar, the Golden Ruk. The most dominant Tribe arrayed itself before Doran, and the Allies scrambled to defend themselves. Only the Seige Engines were able to punch through Doran's dome of vegitation, laying waste to Enemy units. Reports of the friendly-fire count is rumored to be fairly high. The line seemed to be holding, as the Allies defended the base of the Dome, repelling all incursions.

  • But the appearance of one of their corrupted Seed Layers was also a huge blow to the Allied moral and life-count. Only through the efforts of General Paxis was this monstrosity delayed enough to re-invigorate the mystical and completely not understood City Shield.



*(The previous two pictures are strict Copyright of GamesWorkshop and ForgeWorld 2006. Their use in this game is simply concept art for the Player's visual benefit.)

*Please Download for easier reading of the Land Types and Elevations. The path of the returning Beachhead Armies are the single line through the middle of the map.


  • Once both armies realized that they could not finish this fight, and the Ruk-Roofah had really no concept of a prolonged siege, an agreement was made. Resolution of this dispute through a battle royale of all the Yathewah species here. The Metra had begun.

  • Kargar, through the help of his Throne, won the battle. But when all hope seemed to be lost, the Ruk-Roofah suddenly seemed to pay no attention to the Human forces. Gradually, through very gentle means, it was discovered that the Ruk-Roofah did not seem to realize Humans as an actual race, more of just a smart animal.

  • As odd as that seems, we were relieved.
  • And thus, we entered into the Time of Peace

  • Time of Hope and Death

  • As creaking and complaining hand wagons wormed their way into the few remaining human cities, angry and hungry eyes followed each wood wheel's lament. Starved but resolute shadows darkened doorsteps and shadowed the edges of window sills. Only the suggestion that going out to take away what ever these brave or foolish cart carriers had in their vehicles, seemed to indicate that it may be a trap. Probably only by the now years ingrained paranoia of the die hard human survivors, saved these Plains men and women; paid well in precious salt to bring these tarp covered wagons to specific old markets inside the dangerous hunting ground of the city born survivors. This was just the beginning, as ominous as it seems, of a very good thing. Those wagons all carried hundreds of pounds of perfectly human edible plant, high in minerals and carbs. This sudden and large inflow of a mushroom based food was found available in the dark and damp caves that dotted the northern coastal side of the continent. Political alliances began to be forged between the dominants in the remaining three human cities, as individuals now had the actual time to do something other than work or kill each other for the food they ate. A large stable influx of stable carbohydrates, generally leads to advancement.
Allen Doe, through his network of contacts in the various tribes of the Three-Finger, and the now subservient Simians, and flushed with the returning mercenaries sent to fight for the Liss to the south; used his exceptional social influence and wealth to capitalize on these mushrooms found by Lia Seku. Their selective harvest in the thousands of small caves and covered inlets that liberally range the northern coast line, began to offset the near meat and organ/fat/marrow only diet that had been nearly the only things that Ansalonians had found to be able to consist on. Previously all plant life had been found to be violently deadly, in shredding the digestive system. This service, Allan provided with no course of return; and did not look specifically towards any sort of compensation. There was of course, a reason behind the effort and the draining of his salt cellars.

  • Later on that year, he called upon the large families, the gangs, the posses, the clans, the syndicates, and all the individual groupings of living Ansalonians that remained in the cities to appear at each of his next shipments. A small gathering of coweled men were along with the many wagons; who proceeded to touch or shake hands with each of the populace that allowed them. A great culling of the population, a census of a type if you will. It was not exactly clear as to what was going on at the time, but many of the men and women touched; were picked out of the masses within each city, and sent off to serve Allen Doe's cause. However since that time, quite a few of those called individuals have returned to visit with any relatives they might have had. It has been openly stated that they are training under some mysterious instructors on the subjects of Magic, in a compound build too the north and east near the coast line.

  • In another lighter note, the Druids seemed to have returned hesitantly from their sheltered and warded groves, offering their assistance to the common plight. Their ability to manifest the idea of food and drink literally out of thin air and in mass quantities is looked upon as nigh on to mana from the non existent gods. However, darkly to their backs, and muttered between cups of sour milk koumiss, that maybe their help could have saved hundreds of lives. Perhaps children's lives. Bitterness is a deep firm undercurrent to the thankfulness, rendered to the Druid's gifts. This new outpouring of altruism seems to be at the behest of the Elven druid named Lia-Seku. Their help would be of great effect, as would be see later.


  • A closer and more understanding relationship blossomed between the Ansalonians and the Three-Finger, as they had always been interested in the crafted tools and trinkets that the human race seems so apt to make. During the time of strife and killing each other for food (and some of the indigenous peoples too, one should admit), the native tribes moved further a-field to avoid the ravenous hunters that roamed the plains in search for living meat not poisonous to digest. So some soothing of tempers were needed, as there were too many conflicts between the tribes of the Three-Finger during this Time of Famine to just lay aside. In recompense, Allen Doe helped to revitalize some of the trade that had existed before the Gate had catastrophically failed, more like gifts perhaps, a pound for a penny so to speak.


  • The Simians also were to become more prominent in this Time. Out of the Eastern Jungles they came in mass. At first we were afraid of their size and their seeming infantile knowledge of how things worked. This also would relate to their general carelessness with things of delicacy. But they came none the less.

The Choice

  • After the beginning of the year, a second mass call was sent out throughout the human cities still inhabited. A call to arms, a call to defend our lives from an enemy most foul. They were portrayed as the antithesis of us, willing to swallow our floundering society whole in their inescapable and insatiable hunger. But, if perhaps they had known how much it would cost us, they may not have gathered at all.

  • During the Second War of Dominance between the Liss and the Kusk on the continent to the south, great many storied barges had been built by the Liss Elementalists. Primal water elementals were the main sources of locomotion through the Yathewah oceans, since no significant wind currents could push these boats, so instead they were pulled by relatively mindless scions of the sea brought up and bound by crafty sorcerers. Their work had been done quickly and secretly, to avoid the attention of Verna and her massed tribal army. These great arks had been sent out to gather up what warriors the Three-Finger and the Simians could muster to assist their ancient trading partners. Riding these boats also were select groups of human mercenaries, employed by Allan and Enon, to represent human interests in the south beyond the volcanic shelf. Once the war had been won by the Liss at a high cost of lives to their own forces, those self same transports returned these adventurers and guest warriors to their homeland.

  • Once their purpose had been completed, they had been left to bake in the sun, completely lacking use. However a second use was found for them, and hopefully their grand last route. When these large behemoths began to slide strangely across the placid seas into the ports of Kingstown, Lorren, and the river ways of Tier Perth, the masses were informed already. Being great orators and personages of note, Enon, Lia-Seku, and Allen Doe had greatly impressed upon the survival hardened populace; the fact that if the Ruk-Roofah to the west were not stopped, they would soon plague our lands and destroy what little we had. But this was not the great outcry that they had hoped. However, their payment was.

  • For arms and equipment, they paid in meat and fish. Those self same elementals that pulled the arks were more than willing (at the behest of their masters) to fish in vast quantities.

  • For service abroad, there was to be food always. Never a shortage, they promised. Mouth watering, stomach churning delicious food. No rationing, no starving, no shaking in the night. Food, desperate food. Even with the edible fungus along the coast, it wasn't enough for everyone to satisfy the deep gnawing ache within; the slow reduction of bones and deficiencies that plagued the new borne and children. For this payment and service, all they had to do was risk our lives against this unseen foe across the sea, led by people that had become almost like legends, defending a race of peoples that no one had ever met.

  • For the possibility of death, their families would be taken care of. That did not seem so bad, after all, it was better than being trapped in the shells of their once great cities, it seemed.

  • With a nod and a smile, Allen's organizers took all comers. Men, women, some no more than mostly grown children. Anyone who could swing a sword or load a ballista, anyone. Elders who had real combat experience from Ansalon were the most highly sought after, but they took the young and the old none the less. Their note, mark, name, or moniker was recorded in long lists, and they were pushed off to a few select locations; as the families that remained celebrated over fresh fish.

The Mustering

  • As the mustering stations began to fill over the next several weeks, divisions were formed and the first basics of training had begun. But in truth, most of them had some form of combat experience, or at the very least, survival experience. Anyone alive at this point had fought off a cannibal at some point. To a man, except for the lie-bound young, they were all killers of one sort or another. A more steely-eyed, tired of the world, but grimly self assured population of civilians was more than likely never to be found before or ever again than these generations.

  • The leaders of this whole movement, on the first month, had gathered up the most veteran of the human troops(Mostly former soldiers, or the most militant of the gangs or clans that would work together without much friction) into specific areas. Most wondered at the time as to why, but the leaders were unusually more tight lipped When delegations and groups of the Three-Fingers and the Simians began to arrive, rumor increased. And when the black sky chariot arrived, late one night in the early third month, few were able to see it, but all heard the beast's roar and it's light blasted twisted shadows into rooms and down the cold streets.

  • Summoned down from the sky at Enon's request, or apparent animated movements, it was difficult to describe the form of the chariot spitting a cone of violet fire that seemed to lift it into the air. The next morning, the collection of veteran battalions and the larger groups of Three-finger/Simian warriors were gone with naught but a block wide blast mark to evidence they had existed at all.

  • They were not to be seen again for many terrible and brutal months, and when they were, what remained was but ravaged husks of the units they had once been. They had fought the beast terror, on the Beachheads, stalling and giving the remaining vastly larger mass of humanity time to train, arm, and equip.

Little did they know it, but the Third War of Dominance had begun.

  • First Cataclysm

    • Birth of Mourna


    • The Shattering


    • Schism Plates

During the First Cataclysm, the unified and geographically connected domain of the After Life, split. It fractured under the weight of all the newly made Gods. It is natural that this would eventually happen, and each god would then take their own domain of power to a new planular level, not necessarily congruent with all of the others.

However, as the actual event occurs, these 'fractured planes' possibly have a chance of accidentally brushing against the Material world as they transgress to their new metaphysical state. These places that they intersect, much like the 'footsteps of the Gods' in Forgotten Realms (I think!), are where for a limited time the inhabitants of those planes may spill over. In some cases, this might not be that bad. In others, such as Verna's case, it will be very bad.

  • Fourth and Final War of Dominance