• Kel-Thuzan

  • Kel-Thuzan was spotted and used as a location that provided a roughly safe guard to the southern side of the retreating embattled forces remaining from the Beachhead advanced force. During their many month fighting retreat across the continent, it and the sickly forests around it seemed to be the only places the Ruk-Roofah seemed hesitant to tread. This provided the retreating armies with a small margin of breathing room, to set up temporary shelters and hospitals, and to re-organize from their significant demoralizing losses defending against the Beachhead assaults. Though foot was never set within several miles of the actual location of Kel-Thuzan, it was clear to all that there was something big in the distance through the wilted, tumor riddled trees. In some ways the distant shape had the resemblance of a terribly jagged mountain, but occasionally a lance of glittery reflected or refracted light would catch one's eye.

Here is where the story of our new campaign for 2016 begins, this tarp tented hospital of broken soldiers and desperate doctor's with attendant few overstretched nurses. Those few given to strong enough faith to assist in healing were few and far between.