• Keltoy


The Keltoy have not ranged far into the world, and indeed they only (Before meeting the humans) had met only one other race which they extinguished whole sale decades ago. At the time, they did not feel or think that the Churacko were as like themselves; thinking or feeling or were anything but a too-dangerous prey to let continue to exist.

Their culture seems to revolve generally around sleeping, breeding, and lounging in the most advantageous spots. Their central home of Doran, is full of these territoriality playful families.

Though they are fierce fighters when cornered or individually, they make poor soldiers and in no way will stand in lines or even in one location. Preferring to strike from stealth and or strength, this mindset also dictates much of their social hierarchy within the prides, and who moves up and down the levels inside Doran.

The defense, ultimately failing, of Doran by the humans and their allies has changed the Keltoy's outlook on the world. Shattered it in fact, that Doran not being the center of all things, and it's warm shadowed confines are but a small chunk of the much greater world. What that will do to influence the next upcoming generation, only time will tell.