• Kusk

  • What the Kusk were and what they are now when the humans encountered them are supposed to be amazingly different. The slow to anger and smartly crafty beings
that once mastered cutting of stone and rudimentary masonry of a scale appropriate too the size and breadth of a paragon race such as themselves. What apparently was a grand culture of stone worship, love of the earth, and a growing boat crafting interest; was wholly given over to a religious fervor that ground down all other skills into illegibility. Where once they lived in relative peace with their neighbors, even the predatory Liss, now they are looked upon as sheer murderers and one of the most insanely dangerous races on Yathewah.
  • Whether because of idle curiosity, love, hate, or the desire of dominance over another, Verna was born somewhere near the eastern coast of the Southern Continent.
It isn't known who the mother was or is, but the father was Muchenik Three-Eye. A Uronal seer and long-dreamer of some repute, though had not been seen in many moots by the time the Dreaming thundered with Verna's birthing squall.
  • The first cross race, the first Eamsheir, first of her kind in the world. It was her first suckling angry cries that shook the foundations of the world; and brought the
clans of the Kusk to their knees. In worship, of the new born goddess in their mix; though they had no idea what a goddess is or would be, no previous exposure to the concept or idea. The first of a kind must always stumble blindly, being wounded by ignorance without respite.
  • What exactly happened within the once grand ziggurats of ocher stone, crimson jade and white marble, that caused the new born Eamsheir to twist away
from normal, from leading their chosen race into the next step of evolution; no one knows. Or no one is particularly admitting what it is. Enough to say that the influence of this new godling's slowly twisting mind effected herself greatly and her followers even more so. This race of pleasantly fat artisans and harvesters was within a generation, turned into a rabid force of murder and rampage at their mad god's ever quickening will.
  • Her first lashing out (That is commonly known) was to destroy her guide and mentor; her father Muchenik Three-Eye the Uronal Dreamer. Much like a
child given to the sudden realization of death and disgrace that they have caused a small animal's mortal end; she reacted with fascination and shame. Very quickly, her interest and scope of madness spiraled to an incredible degree. She directed, then ordered the capture and murder of all of the Uronal that her acolyte soldiers could find. In a few long years, her chambers were paved with the gaping empty eyed skulls of thousands of Uronal skulls.
  • Perhaps it was her displaced rage at her own father's weakness, or maybe a fascination with death itself that caused her to be the death of her father's
kind. She offered no quarter, and no chance for the Uronal to submit themselves too her, to ultimately make more Eamsheir. Which is what should have happened, if the other races are to be viewed as examples.

  • Ultimately, as the first true deific creature born, this had a drastic effect on the world beyond this one. For a handful of years, she was influenced a good
amount by the humans across the sea. Even so much as to gain a few human followers, who were once devotees to dark gods upon Ansalon, and uniquely attuned to her swift rise to power. This, and some other influences brought, the now a-days Kusk have a rudimentary grasp of armor, weapons, and priestly power. This already puts them ahead of most of the Yathewah races in so far as power curve.

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It is only by virtue of their Pyrrhic defeat during the second and failed war of dominance against the Liss, that they have not over run the south. The intervention of allies from the Northern Continent made a huge difference, killing off Verna's generals and finally the godling herself. This was good in the sense that it broke the back of the Kusk offensive. It was in some ways bad because it broke apart Verna's grip on the physical realm, casting her godhood self into the after life; which was already very susceptible to her power as the practically unpainted canvas it was.