• Liss

The very martial race, found on the southernmost continent (That's not an ice shelf). Their society is ruled over by the females, giant traditional serpents of immense physical power and prescience. Fully grown, they can stretch almost doubly long the largest of the Old Empire Ansalon sea going ships. They are aggressive and calculating, known to be immensely territorial and to lay dozens of clutches a year.
  • That being said, there are only 2 Queens left alive after the First and Third War of Dominance. They rule separate under ground cities, situated near several of the deep glass sided craters found on the southern continent, slowly rebuilding their forces after their races punishing defeats. (Something around 10 queens became 2, and their associated individualized hive cities perished during the first conflict.)

  • The male drones stand on two legs balanced on a tail, much like the other humanoid shaped Yathewah paragon races. Their armor and equipment tends towards strong lacquered wood and simple cloth with many individual layers, rough copper fasteners and toggles; with the particular exception of the Glass Longsword, of which they make from the glass craters that are central figures in their cultural games and development.

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