• New United Empire Locations


    • Gate City (Destroyed)

  • The Gate City was the center of the trade and economic system for Yathewah. It contained 25% of the original population, and was the focal point for the entire mining colony. All resources went to and from here. Its tragic loss crippled the Humans on Yathewah.

    • Kingstown

  • Kingstown serves as the largest food producing settlement of the New United Empire. Known most for its local fisherman, food gathering has expanded to include an edible, though bland, fungus that has been seeded along moisture-rich cliffs near the shoreline.

    • Lorren


    • Meshu (Virtually Depopulated)

    • Reshu (Virtually Depopulated)

    • Tier Perth

  • After resettlement, following The Plague, Tier Perth is best known as the gateway for trade with the Simians of the Eastern Jungles, and as the settlement closest in proximity to the College. Tier Perth was home to Enon and Varian before they set off on their call to adventure shortly before the First War of Dominance.