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Still working on the massive conversion to 5.0, from 3.5. This area of the wiki will definitely expand here in the short future.There are huge changes from the players handbook, common lanes of growth and character creation that just simply can not be used at all or effectively.


  • Few things are absolute in my games, but here is one. A 20 is always good, and a 1 is always bad. Any way you work around it, for matters of just about anything, rolling one of those has results. Period. This continues with the 5.0 rules, as a roll of a 20 adds a +10 to the roll, and a 1 equals a -10. It is still completely possible that rolling a 20 may still not cover the DC of the event. Such as say a first level warrior striking an ancient dragon in the foot, even with a 20 rolled, there would be little to no damage. That's not entirely the feel that I enjoy. The players are playing heroic characters, no matter their level. A 20 and a 1 will still have dramatic impacts on the event or the story line itself. Some of the greatest bonding and humorous happenings are generated at those times.
  • We also use two separate unique rolls. Insanity and Luck rolls. Luck rolls are simply that, rolled on a d20. Highs and lows do something, where as middle ground is just frustrating. This roll is usually used where the character might just get 'lucky', but really has no reason for using a skill. I.E. stumbling over something in an old tar pit or something along those lines. Luck rolls are also used sometimes for long journeys, as more often than not, things happen during those times.

Fate Points
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  • Fate Points

  • Possible Fate Point uses: (Can not be traded or otherwise given away between the PCs)
  • Skip meaningless enemy encounter-Automatically acquire Exp and random damage up too 20% of total.
  • Influence a Luck roll (Usable only up to 3 points per any roll)
  • Change a random roll (Say for random items or actions) up or down any 1 point. (Only usable in 1 point increments, second result is kept.)
  • Undue any specific use of a Fate Point (5:1 ratio).
  • Force DM to make a decision on an outcome of an issue (instead of randomly rolling on a self-made chart)
  • Add a +10 (for 1 turn) to any non trained skill check. Not good for crafting or anything that takes more than 1 turn.(The Mcgyver Effect)
  • Maximum Damage on a successful Melee strike (just 1, Declare before attack, points are lost if attack fails, Ace in Hole effect.)
  • Redo any Undone Fate Point uses. (See the 5 category. Example: Varian uses a fate point to adjust his random roll down one notch. Varian gets crushed by giant hammer. Use 5 Fate Points to undo the adjustment. Varian gets blown up with dynamite, killing everyone in the room. Use 10 Fate Points to undo the adjustment, and then only Varian dies.)
  • Add a +1 to any weapon or armor (Includes possible power) Takes approx 2 hours.
  • Spend for chance of weird (but almost always beneficial) moderate action, event, or effect.
  • Add a + 8 Luck bonus to any combat rolls for 1 turn.
  • Negate a disease or attribute loss (negative energy for example) before the roll is made. Can not be used on a disease or attribute loss that has already taken hold.
  • Add a +20 on a tumble check for reducing falling damage (Trained or untrained)
  • Add a +1 to any non armor/weapon item that takes such increments (Ring of Protection +1, Belt of Strength +3, etc. May not exceed the maximum)
  • Add 10 skill points to next level. (Can be used any time, but only applies to the next time the PC levels)
  • Gain a follower that is at 75% of the PC's current level.
  • Spend for chance of weird (but almost always beneficial) powerful action, event, or effect.
  • Permanently Transform into a specific creature, retaining all levels(Within a certain CL limit).
  • Gain 5 attribute points, spreadable upon desire.
  • ?
  • Gain a level with max Hit points.

  • Fate Points are gained when a PC either A) Creates a new page of descent size. B) Adds a reasonable amount to any page of information. C) Writes up a summary of the last game. D) Is very active with editing and upkeep. E) Submits any personally worked piece, (Fiction Writings, Maps, Color or Character story, Picture or Drawing, Architecture).
  • Remember folks, you have the power to make new pages and link them how you chose. See Wikitext for help on how to organize your pages.

  • Current Player Fate Points:

Former Players Fate Points

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  • 5ed Players Handbook
  • 5ed Game Masters Manual
  • 5ed Monster Manual
  • 5ed Adventure books additional


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