• Simians

  • The Silent ones speak the loudest. The Simians reside primarily in the Eastern Jungles that stretch from the South Plains to the ocean (West to East). However, they do have quite a rapport with the Ansalonians. It is not uncommon to see several wandering about the human cities, and during the time of Famine, gifts of killed animals were sometimes found on certain doorsteps, or tossed over fences. A distanced kindness is good way of putting their common regard to the smaller beings from far away.

  • In the beginning of the interaction years ago, ones and twos of the simians could commonly be seen moving throughout the cities, apparently interested in every small
minute part of every person's day. It was not unusual to find several of them clustered about, watching a net weaver's nervous work. Shiny baubles and repetitious motion seemed to easily capture their attention, but aside from very basic body language, they were completely silent. They seemed to be able to do things of one accord, with little more than a slight 'whoof' of their breath, or a knocking of prodigious knuckles against the ground. They occasionally would take items or objects that took their fancy, but often would leave something in return. People were just as likely to receive a caught fish as a nugget of ore. Their sense of worth obviously is not the same as ours.

  • But being eaters of meat and leaf such as ourselves, with them they brought food. During the time when the Gate still operated and the world was prosperous in it's trade; a simian was not unheard of to barge into isolated residences, hands waving raw food in alarming fashion. Is the occupants survived the undoubted shock, most would take the food offered, and go about their normal day. Usually the Simian that initiated the event would follow that person or family throughout their time of activity, generally leaving sometime around whenever the humans would go to bed.

Now that they are subservient to the Three-Finger, it's common to find the two races limitedly in each other's company. Eamsheirs numbers steadily begin to grow, these powerful combination of peoples frightening in their strength and ageless wisdom.

  • Some suspect that they are much more intelligent than can be detected at the moment.


There are those within the Simian's mysterious race that seem to have a more direct effect on the elements and the foliage around them. They can usually sense danger, and even limitedly communicate with Ansalonians, though they are exceedingly rare.

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