• South Plains

  • Ancestral home of the now-subjugated nomadic Three-Finger. This light blue/ into deep green grass coated plains for hundreds of miles, splitting the continent in roughly half (north to south); has long since been the ancestral migration grounds of the Three-Finger.
The geological formation of the mineral rich shelf that extends upwards from the depths of the planet (With only a foot or two at best of soft dirt on top of it) keep the grand trees to the east from long since having taken over the lush plains. Their roots simply can't dig deep enough into the severely hard stone beneath the grasses purview.
  • The rolling plains of the three finger are home to quite a spread out but very vibrant ecosystem. The deep grasses do hide many vermin
analogues, small six legged brace crawlers with sensitive noses; and several types of long armored centipede type of carrion hunters. These animals and insects generally never come up above the surface of the grass, but rely on keen senses to hunt. Above those range far gliding garhawks, smooth flesh winged mouths that ride the thermals above, always keeping watch below them with their downward facing eyes. There are other grazing animals, larger knob headed Suiterain with their noise making tails and the large horned Offdeer(humorously named by some intrepid and perhaps deceased explorer). The larger predators such as one that generally resembles an Old Empire type cougar, but has a very effective venomous attack. More dangerous life exists closer and or strikes from the cover of the grand jungles that border the plains land.