• Third War of Dominance: The Ruk-Roofah

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    • Doran

  • Doran has been the home of the Keltoy for as long as they can remember. To much further west is Kel-Thuzan, sighted by the retreating armies from the beachhead.

The Doran Continent

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4 - Beaches of Blood.gif

  • Covering almost all of the city is a very high dome of solid vegetation, growing in perfect arches. The cause of this is not a common knowledge fact. The strange 603c408dd47ef058ca7c0967ab60158e.jpgcanopy that domes the inner portion is hard to explain, but for a few of the more powerful people on the planet itself. The defense of it was pivotal for the survival of the Ansalon-origin races. Apparently, though not completely successful, they were able to defend it just barely enough. See the Defense of Doran ending for more details. The long worn away edges and concrete covered with moss, vines, and the remains of hundreds of years of habitation, sometimes gives way to see the steel bones that lay hidden underneath the city itself.

    • Heroes of the Third War

The Allies(Humans, Liss, Three-Finger, Keltoy, and the Simians) - Ruk-Roofah War, The Third War of Dominance:

    • Battle of the Beachheads

  • The prophesy of the impending tide of doom, given to the right influential people, months in advance; created the desperate need for delay. Whether it was from the ramblings of the mad, or a gift from some burgeoning gestalt racial consciousness, or word from
some unknown guardian; the dark insane tides from the north had begun to pulse towards the lands of the Keltoy. Drawn by some instinct like a bird to it's nesting land or fish to the same river; they were coming, in their diseased swarm. Thus before the onset of the Ruk-Roofah conflict (Or third war of dominance between the indigenous peoples), a moderate veteran strike force was ferried to
the expected landing sites (by some summoned conveyance that is still undisclosed or understood) from the Human Cities. Three brigades were split from this core, and placed under the control of Lords General Varian and Broo. The allied forces had roughly two weeks to set these beautiful golden sanded beaches and low density grass lands near by into the structured kill areas that were theorized to be needed. In truth, very few if any of the veterans of conflicts present ever had the opportunity of dealing with a contested amphibious landing.

But the necessity to kill and cull a force of individuals, they understood very well. A vast amount of traps, pitfalls,
and other unmanned defenses were placed head on, into the teeth of the invading Ruk-Roofah clans. To be sure, funneling walls, fire lanes, trip wires, oil ditches, leap frog fencing, and stink weed pits, were included.

The Landing Defenses

  • Lord General Broo directly commanded the defense of Beachhead Korg. He and his men went face to face with the clan Hurrrgorak, the bloodied. A brutal force to hit head on but so he did; leading the direct charge. Throughout the most successful defense of any of the three beach heads, Broo lead his small herd of Three Finger brawlers directly into contact with the leading hero of the Hurrgorak clan. Though closely matched, agility and instant aggression vrs the three finger endurance and slow but un-survivable strength; Broo was defeated and his command scattered. Survivors of the battle that retreated all the way to Doran reported that Broo had been captured by the invading Ruk-Roofah forces. In truth, the next night after their landing, the leading males of the clan ate him completely, down to cracking the thick bones for the marrow.

  • The center defense force was, if the common history is to be believed, the most
disorganized and lacking of big picture leadership. The blackest of luck, with no heroes or grand leadership; the middle at Beach Lash, held as well as it could. There was little to no resources in the local area, only grass lands and marshy riverbeds. Not a tree or wood bearing root for many miles in any direction; and no stone, rocks or even gravel at their disposal. A wide shelf of silt and marshy open air bogs were the main map marks of the wide bay that was beachhead Lash.
Very little could be done beyond ground and splash traps, leading groups to limited quick sand areas, some attempts to harness or trap local river carnivores, and anything else the soldiers could think of. This was of limited success.
  • As the black armada of rafts of the Ruk Roofah clan that would land
on beachhead Lash approached, an icy mist began obscuring the setting sun, and looming over the towards-the-sea down draft. Causing the fog to billow up in a struggling tower, a tsunami of mist that held and increased until last of the sun's rays winked out to an obscure dusk. At that point, the wave crashed inland over the defenders, and with it came the disciples of OokAnue. One of the necrotic shaman tribes of the Ruk-Roofah, even the adepts and barely trained wizards of the Allied Defenders were but as a candle in a heady wind against the primal death magics of this mystic tribe. This Beachhead defense was the least effective in the long run, and also resulted in the least amount of survivors many months later.

  • Lord General Varian was directly in charge of the southern Beachhead
defense, zone Axe. Again, the defenders crumbled after several hours of hard fought battle. There was simply not enough bodies or weapons to stop the Ruk-Roofah invasion. The mainstay of his bleeding defense was to stand a good portion of his forces on Hisry Rock, the formation near to that southern landing. Given the brutal slope, open ranges of fire, and other natural features of the rock formation; it was but a common sense decision to attempt to hold it. Or make the Ruk Roofah die as much as possible upon that mineral edifice. Aside from basically trapping a good amount of his force, Varian did so with a purpose.

  • While being scouted, it was noted that there were huge swaths of the rock face that were covered with a sheen of crumbling yellow powder and compressed mineral columns. These remnants of inner water springs that had long since poured their sulfur from the inside of the mountain, outward; left these hefty wide spread deposits.

  • Even as the volunteers of his brave bowmen and mystics died atop the mountain in a carnival of hate and blood-- struggling against the sheer mass and ferocity of the landed clan KaraKa; the Allied heavy infantry moved out from the depths of the pit-hides around the mountain base; setting fire to these trails of sulfur that erupted in ethereal blue blazing, hungry flames. The grey and yellow fumes that billowed back up the mountain in the night's air, were choking and wont to raise boils on uncovered skin. These self same men of the allies girded their faces with woven grass of thick cloth, and moved back into the night, beginning travel towards Doran without a backwards glance.
  • The "Blind Hunter", leader and master of the KaraKa clan, would follow Varian's force all the way back to Doran, nipping at his heels; stealing a life or five at a time, even as the allies conducted a very effective bleeding retreat.

The main rendezvous location and relocation point was many, many miles to the east from the Beachheads themselves. Just west of the river system that is north and west of a mark on the Allies maps called Kel-Thuzan. Not part of the original plan, but from these fighting retreats; suffering waves after waves of the fitful dog like enemy nipping at the retreating heels of the Allied army; Many made the choice to sacrifice themselves to bleed the enemy and give their allies time to either heal or retreat. Their sacrifice of body, or sanity, or both; was key to making the three landed clans of Ruk Roofah so hesitant of engaging human forces. But some of that was key not necessarily to our own intrinsic ferocity; we are a self serving race at heart. A good portion of it was that they were facing smart thinking and experienced fighters; well versed in using landscape, timing, tactics, and withdraw to damage/demoralize/block/frustrate/confuse a directly predatory race such as the Ruk Roofah that had not as of yet ever received a collective bloody nose. They were much like a hugely strong young child; able to do unthinkable damage to soft targets: but almost completely unused to being out smarted or surprised or bluffed.

This was the map of the withdraw towards Doran, from the Beach Head. The blue marker is talked about more in the Kel-Thuzan article. And it is where the story for my latest batch of dear heroes, begin.

(Some of my old notes)

Tribe: Harooden
(Hidden, the Golden Tribe)
Scavengers: 10,000
Hunters: 0
Leper Knights: 9,061
Fanatics: 631
Shamans: 0

Tribe: Hurrrgorak
“The Bleeding Muzzle” (A Unit with this Hero has the ability too Attack twice against a charging unit, even if the charging unit is only passing through or into their sphere of attack.)

Tribe: KaraKa
“The Blind Hunter” (A Unit with this Hero automatically knows the location of any hidden or disguised units within 3 inches of their location. Any 1 enemy unit that is within melee range is subject to an attack of opportunity.)

Tribe: OokAnue
“Dust and Magic” (A Unit with this Hero has the ability to make a magical strike once every 3 days. If the strike hits, the damage is x4. This causes 25% of the Unit that this Hero resides in, to die.)

Tribe: Harooden (Royalty)
“Kargar the Gold” (The Royal Unit has the ability to stop dead any charge against it on a successful attack of opportunity. Any Undead units within 2 inches of the Royal Unit gain a +2 to attack.)
“Harooden the Old” (Any Unit with this Hero, gains a +5 to it’s own saves, and gives a +2 to any unit adjacent too itself, due to the Wiley old Dog himself.)

Purposes Available:
Assault (+1 Attack, +1 Moral)
Front Line (+1 Armor, -2 Saves)
Flanker (+1 Attack, +1 Inch Move)
Claws (+1 Attack)
‘Black Staff’ (+1 Attack, 3 Inch Range, Shamans Only)
- Muddy Fur (+2 Armor, All)
14,000 Bone Mail (+4 Armor, -2 Inch Speed)
Siege Weapons
Skeleton Colossus (+12 Attack [All Adjacent Enemy Units], Fanatics Only, Dead On)
Special Abilities One per Unit
Primal Sleuth (A Ruk-Roofah Unit with this ability can Hide on a DC 17 (Use the Saves column), in any areas besides Coastal or Desert. Normal Am
bush rules apply. May only Ambush units that come within 1 Inch of their hiding place.)
Death’s Door (A Unit with this ability is not subject too moral checks due to massive troop loss.)
Hunter’s Will (A Unit with this ability is not subject too Terrain modifiers towards movement)
Fanatic’s Push (Fanatics Only. 2/day, the Unit with this ability can incite a re-roll on any failed allied attack roll within 2 inches of the Fanatic Unit.)
Carrion Call (Scavenger’s Only. A Unit with this ability may attack any unit that is below ½ of its original soldier strength. This attack does not cause attrition damage. ½ of the enemy soldiers that are killed
in this fashion are transformed into an undead unit to the nearest northern side not occupied by another unit. These Undead fall into the same rules as the Zombie.)
Cauldron’s Depths (Shamans Only. A Unit with this ability may create in one round, an Undead Unit adjacent too it. This Unit’s Numbers is 50x the Shaman unit that used the ability, and lasts for 9 hours. Usable
Once per 2 Days. The Unit has the stats of:
Skeletal Guard - Moral = 0 Armor = +4 Base Saves = +4 Speed = 2 Inch |Init+4 Attk +7 Wound 2
Fear of the Leper (Knights Only. The Unit with this ability causes any unit that it successfully strikes against to save vrs fear, DC 13. If the Save is successful, the enemy unit takes normal attrition. If the save fails,
that enemy unit will take 30% attrition that round, even if it is normally immune to that attrition. All Attrition damage done too this Ruk unit is decreased too 5%. Immune too fear or pain.)

    • Defense of Doran

  • The three Tribes that landed at the Beachhead overcame the Allied forces that were stationed there, but not without losses. Over the course of 8 months the remaining Allied groups (Human, Three-Finger, Simians, Liss) waged a guerrilla war against the invading Ruk-Roofah, delaying them enough for the main Allied army to make a landing at Doran. There, they dug in, transforming the ancient ruined city into some semblance of a fortress.

  • The Defense of Doran against the Ruk-Roofah was a turning point in the Human Society. All of their great technology and their stalwert numbers were only enough to battle the Ruk to a stand still. Just when the three Tribes were retreating at full speed, broken by the might of the Allies, did the impending doom reach the Humans. A vast Tribe, landing at the most northern point of the continent, had marched slowly but surely straight towards Doran. This was the Tribe of Kargar, the Golden Ruk. The most dominant Tribe arrayed itself before Doran, and the Allies scrambled to defend themselves. Only the Seige Engines were able to punch through Doran's dome of vegitation, laying waste to Enemy units. Reports of the friendly-fire count is rumored to be fairly high. The line seemed to be holding, as the Allies defended the base of the Dome, repelling all incursions.

  • But the appearance of one of their corrupted Seed Layers was also a huge blow to the Allied moral and life-count. Only through the efforts of General Paxis was this monstrosity delayed enough to re-invigorate the mystical and completely not understood City Shield.



*(The previous two pictures are strict Copyright of GamesWorkshop and ForgeWorld 2006. Their use in this game is simply concept art for the Player's visual benefit.)

*Please Download for easier reading of the Land Types and Elevations. The path of the returning Beachhead Armies are the single line through the middle of the map.


  • Once both armies realized that they could not finish this fight, and the Ruk-Roofah had really no concept of a prolonged siege, an agreement was made. Resolution of this dispute through a battle royale of all the Yathewah species here. The Metra had begun.

  • Kargar, through the help of his Throne, won the battle. But when all hope seemed to be lost, the Ruk-Roofah suddenly seemed to pay no attention to the Human forces. Gradually, through very gentle means, it was discovered that the Ruk-Roofah did not seem to realize Humans as an actual race, more of just a smart animal.

  • As odd as that seems, we were relieved.
  • And thus, we entered into the Time of Peace