• Three-Finger

  • Weren.JPGMassive, Bovine like creatures that live in a tribal, nomadic society throughout the extent of the South Plains. For the most part, they are very
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  • peaceful, to travelers and tolerant of outsiders. It is yet to be established if they have a set life span, as once reaching maturity, they do not seem to age significantly. Some of the larger, longer tusked members of the 14 tribes of the Three-Finger often refer to a time when ice in giant mountains slowly crawled along the land.

  • Only in the merest ways do they resemble the now extinct Minotaurs of Ansalon. Most noticeably unlike true minotaurs (As pictured below), they have not horns. Instead, they have some what longer faces, and forward facing defensive and tool tusks for the use of root finding/ease of digging. Other notable differences is their identifiable three fingers, and towering bull esque stature.

  • Color ranges run the gamut of light tan/brown to a dusky black/blue. Spots, splotches, zones, socks, are common throughout the different tribes. Tusk length, the presence of vestigial horns, hide thickness, short (or long) hair, pronounced shoulder hump, all of these attributes are found in each of the unique social groups.

  • Their newly growing ranks of priests to Larsis the Martyr can be found fairly commonly among the traveling herd groups.


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(All levels in retrospect to Ansalonian Human Characteristics)
Genus/Origin: Mammal/Alien
Planets Owned: 1
Rough Estimate of Loyal Population: ~200,000
Indicative Abilities(As Applies)
  • - Magic (X)
  • - Supernatural ( )
  • - Psionics ( )
  • - Hard Tech ( )
  • - Bio Tech ( )
  • - Other ( )
Home Planet/Plane: Yathewah
Normal Atmosphere: 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 1% argon
  • Restricted Atmosphere: Oxygen <43%, >20; Mammal Tolerances.
Normal Gravity: 1.1g
  • Restricted Gravity: <4g
Reproductive Capacity (Basic Breeding stock x 5 years): .5
  • (Example, One Ansalonian Human male and female x 5 years. Maximum 6 Children)
Type of Government: Tribal, Splintered
Type of Main Religion (If Applies): Deification of Larsis
Notes on Previous Entries:

Mean Aggression Level (1-100+%): -30%
  • Natural Weapons (If Any): Horns, Hooves, Brute Strength
Mean Intelligence Level (1-100+%): -30%
  • Highest Level of magical attainment (If applies): lvl2 (Natural)
Mean Tech Level (1-100+%): -50%
  • Highest Level of Tech attainment (If applies): 2nd
Mean Weight of Dominant Examples: ~2,200lbs.
  • Label of Dominant Examples(May be several entries): Guardian, Herd Master
Mean Height of Dominant Examples: ~12ft
Mean Weight of Submissive Examples: ~2,400lbs
  • Label of Submissive Examples (May be several entries): Herdmate
Mean Height of Submissive Examples: ~13ft
Mode of Locomotion: Bipedal
  • Other (If applies):
Mode of Main Communication: Vocal, Basic
  • Listing of secondary Communication possibilities: None
Mode of Thought (1st person, abstract, hive mind, etc.): 1st/abstract (Tribal)
  • If Psionic, is this race possibly Expansionist (Psychic parasites and possession): (N)
Notes on Previous Entries: The females of the Three-Finger are notably larger than the males, but are not usually called to defend the Herd or Tribe against outside problems. Seems to be more of a 'cosmetic' preference.

Culture Examples: Human Supplied weaponry, little to no concept of modesty, trinket obsessive, love small bells (Unknown). Breeding is done in seasonal pairs, but those seasons are nearly 10 Ansalonian years wide. Due to their apparent Agelessness, their biological clocks are permanently slowed to this usual rate.

Possible Political Agendas: Bushan, their surrogate leader, has yet to do anything but make friends with Humans. He seems to want to please them very much.

Precious Resources: None that we know of.