• Uronal

Once the Lords of the Forest; the Liss honor their stories, and revere the places they once roamed. Their carefully made lairs and long empty dens sometimes still draw a Liss warrior to pilgrimage, in attempt to draw upon the wisdom and instant ferocity of it's very proud and very dead owner. The people of the Uronal were always very singular, very private in their times of reflection. Occasionally, in timing seemingly only known to them, there would be a Moot or even rarer a Grand Moot.
These events would draw these individualistic people from all over the extent of the Southern Continent. In deep past times, the Clans of the Kusk and Liss Mothers would send observers and guests to be at these confusing Moots.

As the Liss tell it, the Grand Moots over the years became darker, and darker; a great weight setting upon the elder Uronal. The Dreaming, the mysterious some how analogy and synonym to life and time that exists constantly and soon and just behind; was becoming cloudy and murky. There were long nights spoken of Invaders, of usurpers. Then gradually, as fewer and fewer Uronal would arrive to these moots; murderers.

Whether because of idle curiosity, love, hate, or the desire of dominance over another, Verna was born somewhere near the eastern coast of the Southern Continent. It isn't known who the mother was or is, but the father was Muchenik Three-Eye. A Uronal seer and long-dreamer of some repute, though had not been seen in many moots by the time the Dreaming thundered with Verna's birthing squall.

The first cross race, the first Eamsheir, first of her kind in the world. It was her first suckling angry cries that shook the foundations of the world; and brought the clans of the Kusk to their knees. In worship, of the new born goddess in their mix; though they had no idea what a goddess is or would be, no previous exposure to the concept or idea. The first of a kind must always stumble blindly.

In their caves and timber dens, covered with loam and crowned with ferns or stalactites, the Uronal heard their doom in those cries.

Why, or how, or specifically what happened to Verna throughout her growing up years that caused her to change into the uncontrolled psychotic entity that she is now, is probably lost to only the Kusk to know. What is known is that in her youth she killed her father with her own two hands and the power invested in her by the belief of an entire race behind her. Soon after, she in some strange perhaps attempt to destroy her shame; she urged the deaths of the rest of the Uronal wherever they could be found.

She did not attempt to make a war of dominance, or promote the interbreeding between her races as she should have. Instead she collected their heads, and left their wisdom and history to rot.

Around this time the last of the Uronal were killed of by groups of Kusk, Larsis was born somewhere on the Three-Finger plains, and suddenly Verna had competition.

It is a true pity that the legacy of this powerful and far seeing race was lost.