The conversion is complete, or as complete as needed for GOV work. Now we need to set up the players, and get a group going. Please read below and get a feel for the start of the story!
--The original intent of this campaign was to max out the themes of Survival of the Fittest, and given it's very primal origins, there were a lot of changes that had to be made. The player characters, being from somewhere else, would be outside interactors and observers of the greater story going on around them. If they survive. Pilgrims watching the wars of the Plains Indians, perhaps, is a good analogy. Or British settlers and the African tribes. Mistake noneducation for stupidity at one's own peril.

All art is Strictly concept (Besides maps, those are privately owned). In no way is the concept art to be used in any commercial aspect, or reproduction. All rights are owned by the creator of the file. (Found in the file name, or if name of author was unavailable at the time of capture, images to be considered still not owned by this website in any way). Also, the concept art should not be taken as completely true to form. Aspects do vary, of the actual Game concept. The effect of the art is to set tone, suggest form, to give a sense of scale or grandeur or miniaturist. Setting of perspective for the players or readers.

  • >> The settling normal DnD races arrived as a small amount of colonists that came through a planular travel gate of a particular type; and settled roughly a hundred years prior. There are some race restrictions for players, and a frightening amount of social differences. The empire they came from/exiled from/deported from/joyfully emigrated from, was not the most humanitarian of places, though it was a massive cultural engine of law and structure; much as China and Rome can still be felt today. These lasting social and cultural after-shocks are just one of many of the complex interactive puzzles that we attempt to embrace in this campaign.

    • Welcome to a distinctly different AD&D Campaign. Originally conceptualized and created in 3rd Edition, progressing with 3.5, d20, and Pathfinder elements; it is a Open World study on the effects of magic and or technology on society/culture of diverse groups and the myriad conflict there in(Since it's start in 2004). However, having been on a grand hiatus for more than 6 years, it has come time again to dive into this diverse world of paragons and puzzles. The setting of the game itself breaks down all of the preconceived social rules and structures that are normally introduced through using one of the DnD rule sets.

  • Meaning, it begins from a tribal era, a time where gods of the sky and night and sun ruled the thoughts of the common beings. No pollution, no extinctions, no grand histories. Even the seas are rich with oxygen and lacking almost all salination, the animals massive in stature and size. The handful of indigenous intelligent races are iconic, primal, barely above fire manipulation. Their impact on the characters and visa virsa is one of the primary driving forces of social and cultural effect.

  • I, as the game master or how ever one titles it, do put a lot of thought not just into the physical process of the game; but place a lot of strictures on the mentalities of the characters. Their decisions have weight, their experiences tie them to future events, trauma to the mind and the heart are a deeply running theme. As a US Veteran myself, these issues are of a high interest of inward and outward study. Several of the house rules reflect that (And still need to be worked into 5th ed, still working on it.). Soon I will release most of the notes that my ex wife made from 2004 to 2008, though we will see; without context it may be questionable of their use.

  • The newest round of players will be thrust into the tail end of the Defense of Doran, and begin their own off shoot story that parallels the original in it's theme and origin.
  • If you are interested in this Setting, or are a current player new to the page, or just like the theme and see where it goes, Start Here! ----> Tomb of Humanity

Anyways, Good luck and start sharpening your teeth.

For Bare Bones character creation, These are the MUST READ:
Tomb of Humanity
Player Races

"The conflict between the will to deny horrible events and the will to proclaim them aloud is the central dialectic of psychological trauma. People who have survived atrocities often tell their stories in a highly emotional, contradictory, and fragmented manner that undermines their credibility and thereby serves the twin imperatives of truth-telling and secrecy. When the truth is finally recognized, survivors can begin their recovery. But far too often secrecy prevails, and the story of the traumatic event surfaces not as a verbal narrative but as a mental or even physical symptom."

  • ----
  • "Bonding through blood and battle takes the soldier to a whole new level of raw humanism forged through survival and fight or flight process. The force of killing alters the terrain of the mind disabling the rational architecture
  • and enabling the ancient reflexive responsive unconscious that served our blood soaked ancestors so well."
  • - Doc─ôre Facicio Rabella II, Embedded Hospitalers. Served with high distinction in three separate conflict campaigns, over 10 years.
  • ----
  • "The food shortages were the worst. I had to eat two of my neighbors before sir Doe started bringing food back from those wretched Three Finger. They think they are so much better than us Humans.... Here, would you like to say hi to Don? I keep his skull in my bag here..."
  • - Seargent Westel Quintos, 2nd Division, 2nd Company; Veteran of the War of the 5 Cities, the Famine Time, and the Defense of Doran. Currently in Custody.
  • ----
  • "Some days, I think that they just went away. I don't think about their death's, that's.... it's just too hard. But, at least the bodies are all buried now. Never before had I seen so many bodies.....and occasionally I can still smell them."
  • - Seargent Espeal Dominiven, 3rd Division, 1st Company; Veteran of the Beachhead and the Defense of Doran.
  • ----
  • "My arm? Yea, it hurt. Hurt like hell. Sometimes it still itches, but there is no way I can scratch it. Its probably just a pile of shit by now. Those Ruk-Roofah can eat anything."
  • - Volunteer Conscript Sarah Amilino, 43rd Division, 12th Company; Veteran of the Defense of Doran.
  • ----
  • "Well, no. We fired anyway. The catapults were stocked with oil urns, but He didn't care. You know it's funny though, humans and Ruk-Roofah are a lot alike when they burn."
  • Siege Targeter Murius Helk, 4th Catapult Division, 2nd Company; Veteran of the Defense of Doran.
  • ----
  • "Ohh yes. That's Definitely Doom. I would recognize it anywhere."
  • - Enon, Lord of the College.
  • ----
  • "Wait! Wait! Wait! ... Okay. Now, explain this to me again. How is that rock supposed to fix my hand?"
  • - Varian, to Enon
  • ----
  • "Powerful? Oh yes, quite right! This spell is my pride and joy, my most celebrated breakthrough! However, a word of caution to my students: this is most certainly not intended for underwater use."
  • - Enon, in a special lecture on sonic energy and the finer points of Enon's Sonic Ray.
  • ----
  • "Well, we can only hope that it is just a phase he is going through. Hopefully, he will grow out it..."
  • - Lia, to Enon, on finding Varian on the beach of the Liss continent, thoroughly covered in dried mud.
  • ----
  • "Broooosed!"
  • - Broo, enjoying himself while learning the finer points of Common.

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